VhernierMastery of understated chic is Vherniers

first_imgVhernierMastery of understated chic is Vhernier’s calling card. Even when its jewelry is emblazoned with diamonds, the design and construction commands as much attention as the gemstones. Unusual mixes of materials is another key trait from Vhernier and this year the Doppio Senso collection merges the brand’s uniquely flattering hue of 18K rose gold with ebony in necklaces and bracelets. The almond-shaped, generously proportioned links are statement pieces that don’t shout but still garner plenty of attention.WellendorffEveryone takes comfort in a taste of chocolate. German jewelry company Wellendorff has capitalized on that craving with its new “Chocolate” collection. Just as the edible confection comes in many flavors, new Wellendorf 18K gold rings and rope jewelry dons enamel accents in appetizing tones of mocha, truffle, and champagne, among others. The spectrum of hues from creamy white to dark espresso ensures there’s an option to suit every taste.Bogh-ArtThe Boghossian family has been at the forefront of the fine jewelry world, sourcing spectacular stones and creating wildly imaginative masterpieces for more than four generations. The Reveal collection from their new Bogh-Art brand centers on the artful, painstaking inlay technique, placing one transparent jewel within an opaque stone that’s carved to fit its dimensions exactly, some with diamond accents. The result is a full range of rings, earrings and pendants with intense, sophisticated color and a stroke of invention not common in fine jewelry. Nine color variations include perfect pairings of turquoise and aquamarine, and black jade set with heliodore.MikimotoIt would easy for Mikimoto, the company that brought the cultured pearl to the world, to rest on its laurels. Instead the preeminent pearl brand remains the standard bearer in its category, mastering everyday pieces and sought after rarities. Playing to the prevalence of hoop earrings, Mikimoto introduced its own Akoya pearl versions in round or elongated shapes that have a modern, architectural edge. True connoisseurs will go for unique pieces like the Flora brooch in 18K white gold, diamonds, and pink sapphires, designed expressly to showcase the rare baroque freshwater pearls that form its petals.AntoniniNinety years creating fine jewelry is certainly worth celebrating. Antonini, known widely for its sculptural jewelry that takes inspiration from far-flung destinations, has just launched an entire Anniversary collection to commemorate the milestone. Individually honed, hand polished disks in white gold with white diamonds or pink gold with champagne diamonds feature Antonini’s characteristic flair for geometry, reflectivity and perfect finishing. Choose from pendants, earrings and rings made complete disks or the lighter, more casual version with a cutaway at its center.www.baselworld.comlast_img