Xining City the basic pension for retirees rose for many years

28, learned from the city social security, work is being carried out to increase the basic pension for enterprise retirees, February 2nd, enterprise retirees get pensions for January.

in accordance with the requirements of the provincial and municipal governments and the Provincial Department of human resources and social security, the Provincial Department of finance, the spirit of the city from January 1, 2010 onwards, the basic pension for enterprise retirees increased. The city’s adjustment of the basic pension treatment of enterprise retirees is the three year of the implementation of the new policy of the transfer of the past third years, and before the Spring Festival, time is tight, the task is heavy, the situation is complicated. It is understood that the city’s pension adjustment involves a total of 105 thousand enterprise retirees, accounting for about the total number of retirees in the province’s total of 60%. The City County Social Security Bureau attaches great importance to this work, the adjustment of pensions to work as a political task, to elaborate organization, careful arrangements, make adjustments to the work programme from people formed a working group to convene a special meeting of pension for enterprise retirees increased in all aspects of the work information issued for the specific deployment and implementation, go all out do the adjustment of pensions work.

it is reported that the city’s retirees in 2010 to increase the pension payment alone in January. February increase in the retirement pension fund into the base of normal distribution, will be in place before the spring festival. At the same time, the city social security bureau to complete the audit work of enterprise retirees capital has basic staff to do the work, to give up the rest day, work every day until the evening of 11, to ensure that the replacement of the pension payment in place before February 2nd.

other news: according to the actual situation of the jurisdiction of the bankrupt enterprise more and more poor people in our city, East District Government Labor and social security departments as soon as possible full pension replacement blonde to more than 6000 enterprise retirees. As at 17 on January 28th, the District issued a total of more than 99 yuan in advance pension payment in place. To reissue pensions Wang Yuzhen told reporters that in 1993 she retired when only 300 yuan monthly salary, then enter the social security pension rises again, she is now a month to receive more than 1400 yuan, more and more days moisturizing. Enterprise retirees Zhu Jiang said that he was caught up with a good day, 2002 every year since the retirement pensions are up this year, his pension rose 200 yuan, what’s more, his old father of the pension also rose, and he also rose more than 20 yuan, you can put the old man a happy, everyone said the party and government policy.