On the long tail keywords and keywords of Shanghai dragon core how useful

When the word length is 5

and length of four and five, a word about, we can see the poor flow almost half of the way, this is we need to pay attention to.

before we talk about the long tail keywords and key words, we must first understand that Shanghai dragon is used to do what, the answer is very simple: in order to solve the user encountered during the search problem. While we do in the process of Shanghai dragon, often have the following several kinds of forms:

through data background analysis, we analyze the following conclusions,


1, a few words to focus on several core words do rankings.

when the word length is 6 words: City + brand +XX majority

3, user oriented aspects of the demand, the first thing to understand is that what the user needs, we how to provide users with such a demand, slowly, our role will gradually from the pure Shanghai Longfeng flow into PM guide role, to complete the work orders and revenue to continue to resolve user pain points.

in addition, we see the word XX from the chart, when the length of the key for 2 or 3 keywords, get traffic and not more than we imagine.


2, found that the long tail word effect, understanding by mining the long tail word do a large number of pages, in order to get more amount of traffic and orders.

here we give an example to extend, here is a keyword, we call XX, we associate query and the flow of user search results are as follows:

key words: brand +XX book, how +XX features…… .

shows the results are key words of word length, the number of keywords, keywords brought flow, average flow rate and the single word flow accounting, through flow accounting, we can easily analyze the flow amount of keywords in the red tag and its corresponding, it is not difficult to see from this part of the word the traffic flow as the main source of the station.

when the length of the key for 10, 11, 13, this is a very long list of keywords, you can clearly see what the user’s search intention, such as users often search long tail words, coupled with the company’s name.


………… .


and so on, through the core keywords and long tail word into such >

simple analysis of Query features are:

word length is 4: the user’s search for the brand +XX, city +XX, and general +XX

We The rest of the

of course, we can see from the chart that can be more, this is not the one.