Keywords analysis of another weapon love Shanghai index


We have said that Google I love the

C mainly has 2 blocks, one for most of the above trend, "

In fact,

in general A part can be subdivided into 3 pieces, by keyword comparison, through regional comparison, by contrast, were carried out to compare the generated in figure B trend chart, from which we can directly see the keywords, different parts of the same keywords, the trend of the time, only than Google keywords contrast trend further, we can make a more thorough understanding of the industry in the development and the trend of different regions in different time.


front trend, today we say that another weapon keyword analysis, love Shanghai index.



and Google trends, love Shanghai index is a keyword research tool, Google trends than its more powerful. Compared with Google, love Shanghai index is through the chart form to display the change trend of keyword search volume and time, but to make up for the visual display in the disadvantages of not noble baby search, in addition to adding the relevant keyword search and user population distribution information of more detailed data, we look.


B and C block can be combined together, but because the B block for us is a very important data in Shanghai love index, so I gave him another out and said, the above is the time range and trend chart of this keyword, but I think it would not understand elaborate, in several words "user attention", this is the Google does not exist in the trend, I regard him as a user search volume (not search volume) to treat, with Google trend people and I think we all know, Google keyword can generate a trend trend, but don’t know how much for a keyword specific daily search volume, the data and the love of Shanghai, just to make up for the disadvantages of Google trends, we can make certain specific words how many people are there in the search in a certain period of time, he The trend of how, can be said to help us great significance. In the following media attention and is in a period of time, the number of news in the news and the Shanghai love theme of the most relevant keywords, then there are 2 arrows, what is this? It is to play the role of the time axis, you can drag it to quickly adjust the time range for data comparison.



love index of Shanghai official website: 贵族宝贝index.baidu贵族宝贝/

through the above Shanghai index is divided into six blocks: