Novice to do need to pay attention to five issues of Shanghai Dragon

novice in Shanghai Longfeng often there will be a lot of uncertainty. The most common is often transform keywords modify the title, it is easy to make weight loss website even be right down. So we must do a good job in the site before the keyword analysis, to determine a good website title, do not frequent changes, occasionally modify problem. There is a situation of frequent changes to the template. Of course, the template can be modified, but not frequently do large-scale changes, small changes have little effect on the website.

3, 404 pages

4, Robots.txt file

search engine spiders crawl to the site will be the first to read Robots.txt, and understand what "program can access, which are not. So the new site must upload a file to the root directory of the Robots.txt website to read for the spider. If you are not sure what page and procedures should be banned, which cannot be prohibited, you can upload an empty Robots.txt file inside, what do not write.


website theme

is now learning more and more staff in Shanghai dragon. For the novice, there are a lot of problems that need attention, improper handling of the case may influence the website included, lead to weight loss or be right down.

do a lot of Shanghai Longfeng novice often ignore the 404 page, think this thing is not essential. In fact, the 404 page is not only helpful to enhance the customer experience, the search engine is also friendly. The 404 page is actually write a static page, you can search 404 page template on the Internet, and then uploaded to the site root directory, the server may also get some background settings to take effect.

I have a beginner in Shanghai Longfeng friend, just contact Shanghai dragon soon, soon to buy a registered domain name space build website. Optimization of conscientious do every day, the heart is full of expectations, that you will see your website ranking fell in love with the sea come one day in the near wake. The past is more than two months, he fell in love with the optimization of the key sea no ranking, and included the inside pages of the proportion of less than 10%. He remain perplexed despite much thought, he obviously according to the knowledge of the optimization, why Shanghai will love for their blind? Then I looked at his website, found that he was selling his stockings, home key choice is "stockings legs" this sensitive words, the content of which is also more or less with some color. A complete copy of his website title to love Shanghai yisou, ranked first is not his website. This shows his love of Shanghai site has been down the right, I advised him not to waste time, continue to optimize it in vain, first put the website for a period of time. So it is important to choose the right industry, to go behind you, it is difficult to go back.

2, the title and the template