How to break the new love Shanghai period and sandbox period

new study period phenomenon: new online love Shanghai for a long time do not allow included. Probably more than 2 weeks time.

business experience: new sites through now is not very important, do a good job in accordance with the above three steps, can love rape of Shanghai in 1-24 hours for an arbitrary period of time.

3, every day to update the link, the best way is soft Wen was reproduced. Then is to find related sites and you exchange friendship, not progressing, many will continue to extend the sandbox period.

business experience: do the above three new sites can short time break.

1, a new station on the line – a short period of time into high quality and a large number of links, is the biggest reason leading into the

! sandbox !The conceptual explanation:

3, a new station on the line can be done after a step to attract spider: this recruit webmasters are doing, such as a new station on the line in A5, CHINAZ, or outdated, love Shanghai space, love Shanghai know, love Shanghai Post Bar left the place such as web links. To attract the spider to break through the

2, fixed time every day to update the content, use your brain cells to die miserable the whole love Shanghai, love Shanghai this spider to suck you to death.

2, a new station on the line before the first link: such as web applications in the process of construction, operation department personnel can open foreign propaganda, and adding appropriate links, waiting for every break through the online website.

how to make new breakthrough love Shanghai period:

how to make new love Shanghai avoid sandbox:

2, a new station on the line – a short period of time the introduction of a large number of collection content, even spam, is the biggest reason leading into the

about the study period and the sandbox of these words in the earlier study of Google search rankings when many people consider that it is a question that many novice webmaster can not accept a thorny issue and cannot accurately judge the business today view will explain how to breakthrough love Shanghai study period and sandbox

new phenomenon: in the sandbox period was just love Shanghai collected a few days, there may be a better position. But after a period of time, will find the ranking dropped sharply, even does not appear in the search results, or for a long time love Shanghai included only display the home page, then the site into a "sandbox".

1, love Shanghai now comparable to the Google sandbox sandbox, sometimes the whole you several months did not discuss. This time all need a quiet mind.

1, a new station should be filled with the appropriate content before: for example, general information websites in about 100 articles, blogs can be in 1-5. Shanghai Longfeng optimization and not obvious signs, such as: Title keywords accumulation etc..


how to make out new Sandbox: