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NewsAlert Passengers treated at Quebec City airport

first_imgQUEBEC — Five people have been taken to hospital from Quebec City’s Jean Lesage International Airport after passengers fell ill just before takeoff.Air Transat Flight 782 destined for Fort Lauderdale was at the airport’s de-icing station shortly before 11 a.m. this morning when passengers complained of feeling faint.Airport firefighters were called and the flight was immediately evacuated.Airport spokeswoman Laurianne Lapierre said 12 passengers were affected, including five who have been taken to hospital by ambulance suffering from symptoms such as vomiting, dizziness and sore eyes.The plane was carrying 180 passengers.More comingThe Canadian Presslast_img read more

Moroccan Jewish Family’s Unexpected Encounter with King Mohammed VI in Miami

Rabat – “O God, this is our beloved King Mohammed VI,” shouted Eli Maman, a Moroccan Jewish immigrant in Toronto, as he spotted the Monarch and his son, Crown Prince Moulay Hassan, walking in South Beach in Miami, Florida.The king arrived in Miami coming from Cuba where he went with his little family on vacation.Maman, who came to Miami for the same reason, was also accompanied with his wife and children. “I was nervous when I approached him,” says Maman to MWN, as he related his unexpected encounter with the king.A little conversation took place. Eli Maman said to the king: “We all love you and we love our native country Morocco.”The Jewish Moroccan immigrant proudly presented his family and said to the king that one his sons, who studies at the Ahemet Sefardic School in Toronto, was doing a project on the king, the Alaouite Dynasty and Morocco.Come to Morocco, said the KingHis wife Sultana then spoke to king Mohammed VI in Spanish, and he was all pleased to chat with her in that language.King Mohamed VI then invited the Maman family to visit Morocco. An invitation they said they would happily respond too.The beautiful encounter ended up with a picture to commemorate the unforgettable moment.Simon Keslassy, the President of The Moroccan Jewish Community in Toronto, said to MWN he is happy and proud of the Maman family’s encounter with the King Mohamed VI.Keslassy said Moroccan Jews of Toronto are proud of their country and their king, Amir Al Mouminin (Commander of the Faithful), who is acknowledged worldwide as a promoter of tolerance.“We hold him so much respect for him for what he does to promote tolerance and coexistence, something which is unique in the world we live nowadays,” says Simon Keslassy.He added that “Toronto has a large Moroccan Jewish Community and we are very close to our Muslim compatriots. Our fraternity and coexistence is unique. We thank God for that”.The Moroccan Jewish leader expressed also his community’s support for Moroco’s territorial integrity concerning the Sahara issue.The encounter with the Maman family and Simon Kelslassy’s words seems another reminder of the love Moroccan Jews and their kings have always held for each other. read more

Ban welcomes steps by UN maritime agency to limit carbon emissions from

United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki moon has welcomed the steps agreed upon today by the members of the International Maritime Organization (IMO) to address greenhouse gas emissions from international shipping.According to a statement issued by Mr. Ban’s spokesperson, the steps include: efforts to limit sulphur emissions; a mandatory data system for fuel consumption; strengthened implementation of energy-efficiency regulations; and a road map for developing by 2023 a comprehensive IMO strategy on reduction of greenhouse gas emissions from ships.“Welcoming these important steps, the Secretary-General calls for urgent and ambitious action to limit the greenhouse gas emissions from global shipping [which] are projected to rise significantly given the critical role that shipping plays in the global economy,” said the statement.Further to the statement, Mr. Ban called on IMO members, in partnership with the maritime industry, to promote further progress on the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions from ships to contribute to the objective of the Paris Agreement on climate change, which enters into force on 4 November 2016.For its part, the IMO, which, as a specialized UN agency, is the global standard-setting authority for the safety, security and environmental performance of international shipping, called the new mandatory requirements important milestone on the road to controlling greenhouse gas emissions from international shipping.The requirements were adopted by the IMO’s Marine Environment Protection Committee, (MEPC) meeting in London for its 70th session (24-28 October). IMO Secretary-General Kitack Lim said the new requirements sent a clear signal that IMO was ready to build on the existing technical and operational measures for ship energy efficiency.“The data collection system will equip IMO with concrete data to help it make the right decisions, as well as enhancing its credentials as the best placed and competent forum for regulating international shipping,” Mr Lim said.According to IMO, the new mandatory data collection system is intended to be the first in a three-step approach in which analysis of the data collected would provide the basis for an objective, transparent and inclusive policy debate in the MEPC. This would allow a decision to be made on whether any further measures are needed to enhance energy efficiency and address greenhouse gas emissions from international shipping. If so, proposed policy options would then be considered. read more

Big minibuses enjoy Indian Summer in September

* Big mini buses up 49.6% to 4,217.* Coach registrations down 3.0% to 1,100 * Small mini buses still sliding, down 22.5% to 4,025.* Big buses continue to slide, down 27.5% to 2,325 units for the rolling year. “September registrations once again show that it’s wise not to read too much into one month’s figures,” said Christopher Macgowan, SMMT chief executive.   “Strong registrations for big mini buses account for the improvements across the whole mini bus sector.   High coach registrations in September reflect the end of the Euro 3 derogation period and the delivery of part of a big order from Northern Ireland that will continue to affect figures for the immediate future.   Double-deck and full-size single-deck bus registrations continue to decline as some big buyers delay replacement programmes.   Caution is still the name of the game and the rolling year data is the least volatile guide to registrations.”DownloadClick to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window) read more

Norway first semifinalists – Denmark VS Romania for the second

Norway are at semi-final of the Women’s EHF EURO 2016, while Denmark and Romania will fight for the second place among TOP 4 from group in Helsinborg! The reigning champions won decisive match over Hungary 24:23 (11:8) with Nora Mork, again, as the first scorer with six goals. Czech Republic gave a great resistance to Romania 28:30, but that wasn’t enough to avoid fourth defeat in a row. Christina Neagu continued with great form and 10 goals, while Luzumova netted seven for the middle-European squad.At the end of Day, Denmark and Russia played 26:26 (13:11). Danish girls had fantastic  Sandra Toft (14 saves) between the posts in the first half, but Russian girls managed to come back and even attack for a win in the last seven seconds of the match. Jorgensen netted seven for Denmark, while Sudakova scored six for Russian girls who will stay out of the medal battle in their first event in new Olympic cycle.STANDINGS:Norway 8Romania 6Denmark 5Russia 3Czech Republic 2Hungary 0 ← Previous Story Sigurdsson calls Germans for “last dance” in Frace Next Story → NEW LOOK: Croatia without Kopljar, Cupic, Karacic and Brozovic in France read more

Admin error that led to McCabe allegations was not reported as HSE

first_img Wednesday 15 Feb 2017, 1:18 PM By Darragh McDonagh ‘Admin error’ that led to McCabe allegations was not reported as HSE data protection breach Documents released under an FOI show that the incident wasn’t listed among 103 data protection breaches reported between April 2014 and April 2015. Feb 15th 2017, 1:18 PM Share19 Tweet Email Image: Laura Hutton 52 Comments center_img Maurice McCabe. 18,955 Views Short URL Maurice McCabe. Image: Laura Hutton THE ‘ADMINISTRATIVE ERROR’ that led to false sex-abuse allegations against Garda whistleblower Sergeant Maurice McCabe was not reported as a data protection breach, as required by protocol.The Health Service Executive (HSE) claimed last weekend that the error had been brought to the attention of its Regional Manager for Data Protection and Consumer Affairs when it was discovered in May 2014.However, records released under the Freedom of Information Act reveal that the incident was not listed among 103 data-protection breaches reported within the agency between April 2014 and April 2015.These breaches included cases of medical notes being sent to the wrong patients, a Tusla report being attached to an information booklet and posted by mistake, and a patient’s chart being left on a garden wall.But the incident in which a ‘copy-and-paste’ error resulted in false accusations of sexual abuse against Sergeant McCabe being held on file and shared with other agencies is not recorded on the HSE’s data-breach log.Data protection laws place an obligation on organisations to ensure that personal information contained in their records is “accurate and, where necessary, kept up to date”.The Data Protection Commissioner has held that this obligation is heightened in the case of data that “has potential to reflect on an individual’s personal character in a profound manner”.HSE Data Protection Breach Management Policy requires all relevant incidents to be reported to Consumer Affairs or the ICT Directorate, and for an incident report to be completed by staff.The local consumer affairs officer subsequently decides whether it is necessary to report suspected breaches to the Office of the Data Protection Commissioner.Sensitive informationA record of all such incidents between April 2014 and April 2015 contains details of 103 suspected breaches, including a case in which patient files were discovered by a member of the public in the drawer of a filing cabinet in a second-hand furniture shop.In another case, a diary containing sensitive client information was misplaced by a community services worker in Sligo, but was later found on the roof of her car.The HSE has stated that a counsellor working with the National Counselling Service made the ‘administrative error’ in 2013 involving a file that was shared with Tusla, the child and family agency, and An Garda Síochána.They discovered the mistake on 7 May 2014 and alerted both of the other agencies, issuing them with a corrected report. The error has given rise to a major political controversy.The HSE declined to comment on the FOI.Yesterday, it was confirmed that a tribunal will take place to look into the allegations of a smear against Maurice McCabe.Read:  Tusla to appear before Dáil committee next week as McCabe controversy rumbles on>Read: Tusla ‘in the process of apologising’ to McCabe over false sex abuse allegation> Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this articlelast_img read more

I didnt do this stuff this is not me Im fighting for

first_img Image: AP/PA Images By Nicky Ryan Dear Little Jimmy Safechuck, we are in the residents’ lounge… and if you are being held against your will or if you need rescuing contact us.A letter which journalists Sam Smyth and Eamon Dunphy used a hotel porter to deliver to the room of a 10-year-old boy who had accompanied Michael Jackson to Ireland during his 1988 Bad tour. Source: Sam Boal/RolingNews.ieI’m not sure what kind of oddballs send suspicious packages in the post but they should be well aware that it’s not the politician who’s going to be opening the mail, it’s somebody doing a normal job. It could be a receptionist, it could be a security guard, it could be a clerical officer or somebody working on the constituency team and if you want to come after us, come after us, but don’t come after our staff or families.Taoiseach Leo Varadkar, speaking after an envelope containing white powder was sent to the Department of Health. Source: PA ImagesNever since the Second World War has Europe been so necessary. And yet never has Europe been in such a danger.French president Emmanuel Macron set out plans to overhaul the European Union following the UK’s decision to leave the bloc. Mar 10th 2019, 6:30 PM No Comments Sunday 10 Mar 2019, 6:30 PM Short URL ‘I didn’t do this stuff, this is not me, I’m fighting for my life’: The week in quotes Here’s what was said and who said what this week. Image: AP/PA Images Share1 Tweet Email Source: PA Images 15,228 Views Source: ShutterstockWe are now seeing people who have a home, but they can’t afford the heating or the food to cook.CEO of Merchants Quay Ireland Paula Byrne on the hot meal service the charity provides – it has issued an “urgent appeal” for funds. Source: PA ImagesIf I could turn the clock back to 11.45 yesterday, I would do so in a heartbeat because I never intended to cause hurt, upset or distress or to give anyone the impression that I believe what I said. It was not my belief.The UK’s Northern Ireland Secretary of State Karen Bradley apologised for saying deaths caused by soldiers and police during the Troubles “were not crimes”.[oembed url=”” embed-width=”500″ embed-height=”281″ service=”youtube” credit-source=”CBS%20Evening%20News%2FYouTube” credit-url=”” credit-via=”” credit-via-url=”” I didn’t do this stuff. This is not me. I’m fighting for my fucking life.R Kelly denied allegations he sexually abused women and girls in his first public comments since being charged last month. Source: Sam Boal/RollingNews.ieThe public interest must always be to the fore and that is what has underpinned everything I have done to date.A statement from Social Democrats leader Catherine Murphy, released after the Supreme Court ruled that Denis O’Brien’s privacy was not breached during a 2015 debate about the sale of Siteserv. Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this articlelast_img read more

La terrible question de la seconde intercalaire fautil la supprimer

first_imgLa terrible question de la seconde intercalaire : faut-il la supprimer ?Le système de la “seconde intercalaire”, qui permet de rattraper le décalage éventuel entre l’heure atomique et l’heure solaire depuis 40 ans, va peut-être être supprimé cette semaine à Genève.Cela fait 10 ans que les états-membres de l’UIT (Union internationale des télécommunications) bataillent autour de la question : faut-il supprimer la seconde intercalaire ? Cette seconde est celle qui permet de corriger les éventuels décalages qui se créent entre l’heure atomique et l’heure solaire. Depuis la création de la seconde intercalaire en 1972, il y a eu 24 secondes additionnelles, (la dernière date du 31 décembre 2008). A chaque fois, la mise à l’heure se fait manuellement, soit le dernier jour de juin, ou le dernier jour de décembre. À lire aussiChangement d’heure d’hiver 2012 : pourquoi ce changement horaire ?”Il n’y a jamais de lancement de fusées ces jours-là, en raison d’un éventuel décalage, qui brouillerait tous les calculs”, a indiqué Vincent Meens, président d’un groupe d’études sur ce sujet à l’IUT. Parmi les pays préconisant la suppression, figurent la France, les Etats-Unis et d’autres pays européens, tandis que du côté des opposants à la suppression on trouve la Grande-Bretagne, la Chine et le Canada. “Le problème vient du fait que l’on ne peut pas prévoir longtemps à l’avance, s’il faut ajouter ou non une seconde intercalaire à l’heure atomique, car tout dépend de la rotation de la terre, qui peut être affectée par des événements comme des tremblements de terre”, a expliqué devant la presse M. Meens cité par l’AFP.Si la suppression de la seconde intercalaire simplifierait la vie des informaticiens, elle aboutirait aussi à une “distorsion” entre l’heure atomique et l’heure solaire, qui serait de “15 secondes tous les 100 ans”. D’où la difficulté de la décision que doivent prendre les pays membres de l’UIT lors de leur prochaine réunion qui se tient cette semaine. Toutefois, si les états-membres approuvaient la résolution en faveur de la suppression de seconde intercalaire, il faudrait qu’elle soit également approuvée par la Conférence mondiale de l’IUT sur les radiocommunications, un événement qui a lieu tous les 3 ou 4 ans, et dont la prochaine édition est prévue du 23 janvier au 17 février à Genève.  Le 19 janvier 2012 à 15:45 • Maxime Lambertlast_img read more

Three injured in I5 collision

first_imgThree people were injured in a rear-end collision that clogged lunchtime traffic on the southbound Interstate 5 bridge.At 12:36 p.m. Kristi Holtgrieve, 37, of Vancouver was driving her 1996 Dodge Durango south on the I-5 bridge when she stopped for traffic, according to a memo from the Washington State Patrol. Gary Golisch, 48, of Tigard, Ore., failed to stop his 2008 GMC Box Van in time and rear-ended the Durango, the memo said.Golisch, Holtgrieve and her passenger, David Holtgrieve, 40, of Vancouver, were injured in the collision and transported to PeaceHealth Southwest Medical Center.Both cars were towed from the scene.Golisch was allegedly driving too fast for conditions, which caused the crash, the memo said. Traffic was clogged for over an hour while crews worked at the scene.last_img read more

Verizons mobile 5G will cost you an extra 10 a month

first_img Review • Galaxy S10 Plus braces for Galaxy Note 10 impact Samsung, LG, Motorola: How soon can we expect 5G phones? Here are the cities that will get 5G Abt Electronics 9 Share your voice Now playing: Watch this: See It News • Unlocked Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus deal: $840 (save $160) Sprint Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus See it $833 Customers with a Moto Z phone can preorder a 5G Moto Mod for $50 (regular price is $350) on Thursday — it’s an accessory that snaps onto the Moto Z and lets it connect to the 5G network. And customers who order the accessory that day can get a Moto Z if they activate a new line of service on a Verizon device payment plan.”Continuing our track record of 5G ‘firsts,’ we are thrilled to bring the first 5G-upgradeable smartphone exclusively to Verizon customers,” said Kyle Malady, Verizon’s chief technology officer, in a release.The first 5G-ready phone will be the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G, which debuts next month, although you may want to hold off for a bit. Meanwhile, lots of other companies are getting their 5G phones ready to go.Verizon plans to launch the service in 30 cities this year, CEO Hans Vestberg told investors in February, but didn’t specify which cities.First published March 13 at 4:25 a.m. PT.Update at 5:10 a.m. PT: Adds more details. $999 See Itcenter_img 2:21 Phones Internet Services $999 Mentioned Above Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus (128GB, prism black) Best Buy See It Verizon CEO Hans Vestberg touting 5G.  Angela Lang/CNET  Verizon is ready to turn on its real 5G network in two cities.The nation’s largest wireless provider said Wednesday that it’ll launch its mobile 5G service on April 11 in Chicago and Minneapolis. Getting onto the next-generation wireless network will cost you an extra $10 a month (with the first three months free) on top of your normal unlimited plan. The launch marks the debut of Verizon’s legitimate, industry standards-based network. Late last year, Verizon proclaimed that with a newly launched home broadband service it was first to 5G, but critics noted it used a proprietary standard that didn’t fall in line with what everyone else was using. CNET may get a commission from retail offers. 5G Verizon Comments How To • How to take badass car photos with your Galaxy S10 Plus Tags $999 13 Photoslast_img read more

9 candidates to fight it out in Darjeeling Assembly bypolls

first_imgDarjeeling: The stage is all set for the Assembly by-polls in Darjeeling to be held on May 19. There are 9 candidates in the fray in the by-polls.There are 321 polling stations in the Assembly constituency. The number of voters is 234758 including 115665 males and 119093 females. There are 3,950 service voters as well. Polling personnel departed for the P-2 booths on Friday. The P-2 booths are those that are located in remote areas and require more than a day to reach. In some cases, man loads and ponies are used to carry the EVMs and VVPATs. Also Read – Rs 13,000 crore investment to provide 2 lakh jobs: MamataThere are three such P-2 booths in the Darjeeling district and 11 in Kalimpong. The P-2 booths in Darjeeling include Danragaon, Srikhola Primary School and Rammam Forest Village Primary School in Darjeeling district. The P-2 booths in Darjeeling include the highest booth (Srikhola Primary School at 11000 ft). Along with the state police, CAPF will be deputed for the elections. “We have got 16 company of CAPF for elections. They have already started area domination and route marches,” stated Amarnath K, Superintendent of Police, Darjeeling. Campaigning ended at 5 pm on Friday with political parties holding rallies and going on door-to-door visits. Incidentally, Amar Singh Rai, the MLA from Darjeeling, had resigned and is contesting the Lok Sabha elections. He has been fielded by the TMC backed by the GJM (Binay Tamang faction). With Rai resigning, the seat had fallen vacant.last_img read more

Perspective is everything Neelakantan

first_imgKnown for his unique approach towards mythology and epic stories like Ramayana and Mahabharata, Anand Neelakantan is back with his new and altogether a different story this time. The book titled ‘Vanara: The Legend of Baali, Sugreeva, and Tara’ promises to be the first love triangle in the history of Hindu mythology. Anand, who has previously written bestsellers, talk to Millennium Post about his new book, his inspiration and a lot more. Also Read – Add new books to your shelf From where did you get the idea of Vanara: The Legend of Baali, Sugreeva, and Tara? The idea sprouted as a short story on Tara. It was seen by the chief editor of Penguin, who encouraged me to explore the possibility of making it into a Novel. As I started researching for the work and going through my notes that I had made for my first book ‘Asura’, my television series, ‘Siya Ke Ram’ and ‘Mahabali Hanuman’ etc, I found that the story of Vanaras is a fascinating one. This is arguably the first love triangle ever remembered. Also Read – Over 2 hours screen time daily will make your kids impulsive What does this book offers, which is different from all the other books you have written in the past? While other books were focused on male perspective and has more political and philosophical perspective, this one is mainly from Tara’s perspective. It is a close-knit story of three people and their lives in the backdrop of Ramayana. This might be my first romantic thriller. It is only incidental that it is set in Ramayana period. This could be happening now and here. What has inspired you towards such stories? I have always been fascinated by our epics, the folk tales and ballads. May be, my growing up in a village in Kerala where the temple arts of Kathakali, Ottan Thullal and many others were a part of life, have influenced me a lot. Describe what mythology is for you, in one word? In one word – Proto history I think the word mythology is misleading. For Indians they are Ithihasa and Purana. These are proto-history. I believe there are some truths in such stories. These are the tales that a civilization has remembered over many thousand years. There could be and there are many exaggerations, lost of propaganda has been added, stories have been twisted for political purposes or glorification of some group of people over others, yet one can’t say they are mere stories. As a writer, what is your approach towards the female characters? Tougher to write, but I enjoy the challenge. In ‘Vanara’, it is a female centric perspective. I have kept distance from ‘Baali. Unlike Asura’ or ‘Ajaya’ series, where it is through the minds of men, most of the story evolves, in Vanara- Tara is the hero. What is the important message you want to convey through these books? That every story has many sides, not just two. Perspective is everything. Never be judgemental. People in old times were more into mythology as compared to modern times. As a writer of 21st century, what do you do to draw the young generation’s interest in such stories? As a writer, I shifted to English, though I am more comfortable in my mother tongue, because I wanted to reach more people. I try to give a rational approach to all my stories and this is perhaps that has attracted many young readers to my book. Youth is all about non-conformity and rebellion. My books are rebellious in nature and are subaltern. I may claim thus my books are youthful and hence attract the youth more. What are your expectations from this book? My expectations are like what I had for all my books. That the book shall be debated, loved, hated, appreciated, criticized and remembered for many generations to come. Writing is a pursuit for immortality. What is on your mind after this book? Which story are you going to work on? I am in the final stages of ‘Baahubali’ series book 2. The book 1 of the series – Rise of Sivagami is becoming a Netflix original series. My first target is to complete that. I have already finished a non-fiction called ‘Asura Marga’ and a Malayalam Novel, and these are in editing stage. I am working on a couple of TV shows and a major film. The next novel will be a mythological-horror, which will come after the second book of Baahubali series. Are you going to stick to this genre, or will you explore something new in the coming time? I have no plans to stick to one genre. The difficulty is in convincing the publishers. Since my books have done well in this genre, every publisher wants me to write only in this genre. It is as difficult to shift genres as it is for a debutante to get published, but I am determined to do so. ‘Baahubali ‘series was one attempt to shift away from Purana retelling. The horror genre I am writing will be another one. I would follow these with children’s books, satirical novels and thrillers. What have you learned after reading and writing all these mythological books? I have learned that perspective is everything. There are as many versions of a story as there are people. Never be judgmental and there is nothing called absolute right or wrong. That realisation has set me free and made life joyful.last_img read more

Toddler Locked You Out of Your iPad Heres What to Do

first_imgEveryone punches the wrong passcode into their iPhone or iPad at some point, either on accident or because they forgot it. It might make you anxious for a second, but you only need to reenter the correct code and, voila, you’re back Jes2u photo/ShutterstockMacBook Air vs MacBook Pro: Which 13-inch MacBook Is Right For You?Apple’s entry-level MacBook Air and Pro look pretty similar, but our testing proved they differ in crucial ways.Your Recommended PlaylistVolume 0%Press shift question mark to access a list of keyboard shortcutsKeyboard Shortcutsplay/pauseincrease volumedecrease volumeseek forwardsseek backwardstoggle captionstoggle fullscreenmute/unmuteseek to %SPACE↑↓→←cfm0-9接下来播放Which Cheap Tablet Is Best? Amazon Fire 7 vs Walmart Onn02:45关闭选项Automated Captions – en-USAutomated Captions – en-USAutomated Captions – en-US facebook twitter 发邮件 reddit 链接已复制直播00:0003:4603:46 Unfortunately, your Apple phone or tablet isn’t as forgiving when you enter the wrong password multiple times. Do it enough, and the device will be locked out for days and even years.This isn’t just hypothetical — in fact, it happens more often than you’d think. Evan Osnos, a staff writer at The New Yorker, tweeted in April 2019 that his 3-year-old locked him out of his iPad for 25,536,442 minutes, or around 48 years, as reported by CNN. This is possible because of an Apple security feature that lengthens the lock-out time the more you input an incorrect password.If you find yourself on the wrong end of this scenario, don’t worry: Here are the steps you should take when your iPhone or iPad becomes disabled into the 22nd century. How to Unlock a Disabled iPhone or iPadYou’ll first need to download iTunes onto your laptop. Once that’s finished, connect your bricked device to your laptop and open iTunes.You will now need to force a restart. If you own an iPhone 8 or later or an iPad Pro 12.9 or iPad Pro 11, then press and release the volume up button, press and release the volume down button, then tap and hold the side (or top) button until you see the recovery mode screen. If you own an iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus, complete step 1 then hold the side and volume buttons down at the same time until recovery mode appears on your phone. On an iPhone 6s or earlier or an iPad with a home button, press and hold the Home button and top (or side) buttons at the same time. Once you’ve completed this step, an iTunes pop-up should appear on your laptop that asks you to restore or update your device. Choose “Restore.” iTunes will then download software onto your device (this will take several minutes) so you can set your phone up as new. In a best-case scenario, you have an iCloud or iTunes backup you can use to restore your iPhone or iPad. If so, select “Restore from iCloud Backup” or “Restore from iTunes Backup” and follow the prompts (you’ll be asked to sign in to your accounts). If you’re worried about getting locked out of your device and haven’t backed it up, then check out this guide on how to do so. by Taboolaby TaboolaSponsored LinksSponsored LinksPromoted LinksPromoted LinksYou May LikeKelley Blue Book5 Mid-engine Corvettes That Weren’tKelley Blue BookUndoGrepolis – Free Online GameGamers Around the World Have Been Waiting for this GameGrepolis – Free Online GameUndoForbes.comCrazy Rich Asians for RealForbes.comUndoCNN International for ANAWhy Tennis Pundits Are Tipping This WomanCNN International for ANAUndoTODAYCeline Dion Discusses Her Recent Weight Loss: ‘Everything’s Fine’TODAYUndoMy Food and FamilyHealthy, Homemade Drunken Thai Noodles In Just 20 MinutesMy Food and FamilyUndoAdvertisement Phillip Tracy, Author Biocenter_img Phillip Tracy, Phillip Tracy is a senior writer at Tom’s Guide and Laptop Mag, where he reviews laptops and covers the latest industry news. After graduating with a journalism degree from the University of Texas at Austin, Phillip became a tech reporter at the Daily Dot. There, he wrote reviews for a range of gadgets and covered everything from social media trends to cybersecurity. Prior to that, he wrote for RCR Wireless News and NewBay Media. When he’s not tinkering with devices, you can find Phillip playing video games, reading, listening to indie music or watching soccer.last_img read more

Gay porn star Wesley Woods I was brutally attacked for being gay

first_imgGay porn star Wesley Woods claims he was ‘brutally attacked’ on Wednesday (8 August) for ‘being gay’. GAYSTARNEWS- The porn actor took to Twitter on Friday (10 August) to post a video explaining the attack.He says in the video: ‘My best friend and I were brutally attacked by three straight, white, hetero men in West Hollywood, California.‘Why you might ask? For being gay,’ he says.Wesley Woods. | Photo: @thewesleywoods / TwitterThe two-time Gay Porn Performer of the Year explained they were walking down the sidewalk ‘minding their own business’ and then it happened.He continued: ‘Now, we weren’t technically being gay at that exact moment. We were just walking down the sidewalk. You see, being gay is the act: That’s when you have a dick in your ass,’ he said.Woods, who describes himself as a ‘comedian’ in his Twitter bio, said he posted the video as a caution for LGBTI people.‘I’m not posting this video for sympathy – I’m posting this video for awareness.‘You’re not always safe in the places where you think you are. Always have someone next to you. Always be aware of your surroundings. And be prepared to fight for your life,’ he said.Watch the full video: Wesley Woods. | Photo: eTN Chatroom for Readers (join us)center_img The enemy wants u to be afraid, they want to force you into their idea of normal. I am not, you aren’t, none of us are— “normal.” We live this life the best we can w/ what we’ve been given in hopes of being our true self. Do not hide, fight for your space to exist & ALWAYS be YOU— Wesley Woods (@TheWesleyWoods) 10 August 2018Gay Star News reached out to Woods for further comment.West Hollywood tops list of LGBTI residentsA study released last year found West Hollywood as the most densely populated area with LGBTI people.West Hollywood topped the list with three quarters of residents in a same-sex relationship or looking to be in one.The study then compared house prices in 2012 to now and found the overall price per square foot was 28.9% higher in these gay neighborhoods.The report states: ‘This suggests that the expense to live in communities with higher Neighborhood Pride Scores has risen more strongly than in communities with lower Neighborhood Pride Scores.’Got a news tip? Want to share your story? Email us . Share this:TwitterFacebookLike this:Like Loading… Brutal attack of gay couple caught on camera after Miami PrideGay couple attacked for ‘holding hands’ after leaving Edinburgh gay clubArsonist targeted Lithuanian gay director in a possible homophobic attackRead the full article on Gaystarnews:  : read more

Pope Forgive Catholic persecution of evangelical Christians

first_img 5 treatments for adult scoliosis Top Stories Later Monday, Francis had lunch with and celebrated Mass for around 30 members of his extended family, who hail from Italy’s Piedmont region. The Vatican said the reunion involved six cousins and their families.___Winfield reported from Rome.___Follow Nicole Winfield at © The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed. The Waldensian church was founded in the 12th century by a wealthy merchant from Lyon, France, Pierre Valdo, who gave up his belongings to preach a Gospel of simplicity and poverty that condemned papal excesses. He was excommunicated and his followers persecuted as heretics by Rome.The Waldensians today are united with the Methodist Church of Italy and claim 45,000 followers, mostly in Italy, Argentina and Uruguay.During a speech to a few hundred people in the Waldensian temple of Turin, Francis decried how Christians over history committed atrocious acts of violence in the name of their faith.“On the part of the Catholic Church, I ask your forgiveness, I ask it for the non-Christian and even inhuman attitudes and behavior that we have showed you,” Francis said somberly from the altar. “In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, forgive us!”His speech, greeted with warm applause, was reminiscent albeit on a much smaller scale of the appeals for forgiveness made by St. John Paul II during the 2000 Jubilee. In several events that year, John Paul asked pardons for the Crusades and Catholic wrongs committed against Jews and others.Francis, an Argentine Jesuit, has continued his strong friendships with leaders of Protestant and evangelical churches that he developed as the archbishop of Buenos Aires. Comments   Share   Ex-FBI agent details raid on Phoenix body donation facility TURIN, Italy (AP) — Pope Francis asked forgiveness Monday for the Catholic Church’s persecution of members of a small evangelical church in Italy whose leader was excommunicated and followers branded as heretics during the Middle Ages.Francis made the appeal during the first-ever visit by a pope to a Waldensian house of worship, starting the second day of his two-day visit to Turin with a strong ecumenical message of Christian inclusiveness and fraternity. Pope Francis arrives for a meeting with the youths, in Turin, Italy, Sunday, June 21, 2015. Pope Francis earlier prayed in front of the Holy Shroud, the 14 foot-long linen revered by some as the burial cloth of Jesus, on display at the Cathedral of Turin. (AP Photo/Massimo Pinca)center_img New Valley school lets students pick career-path academies Arizona families, Arizona farms: working to produce high-quality milk Sponsored Stories Milstead says best way to stop wrong-way incidents is driving sober Early signs of cataracts in your parents and how to help Here’s how to repair and patch damaged drywalllast_img read more

Sydney Airport launches real time flight information service for passe

first_imgSydney Airport launches real time flight information service for passengersSydney Airport launches real time flight information service for passengersSydney Airport has launched an innovative new service offering tailored, real time flight information to passengers via social media to further enhance the customer experience.The airport has partnered with software provider TIC, whose BizTweet platform connects passengers with airports through social media.Passengers flying to or from Sydney Airport can keep up to date with the latest flight information by tweeting their flight number to @flySYD or visiting the flight information page at Sydney Airport Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer Kerrie Mather said the service would improve the passenger experience, helping travellers plan their trip before they arrive at the airport.“We want to make the airport experience as simple and stress free as possible for the 42 million passengers who fly in and out of Sydney Airport on more than 300,000 flights every year,” Ms Mather said.“We’re proud to engage with our passengers through this information service, which provides access to the latest details on international and domestic flights, departure gates and boarding times at the touch of a button.“Importantly, passengers will be able to access personalised flight information in their native language, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, so they’ll receive timely and relevant information, when and where they need it.”The new service is also expected to enhance efficiency by improving passenger flow throughout Sydney Airport’s terminals.Founder and CEO of TIC Paul Brugger said the company was pleased to partner with Sydney Airport.“Sydney Airport is one of the most well-known airports in the whole world and we are now able to offer our tailored solution to more people than ever before, further enhancing the airport’s service to its passengers,” Mr Brugger said.“It’s great to see Sydney making their service as relevant as possible to the passenger by using our multi-lingual functionality to communicate in up to 41 different languages instantly.”The introduction of this new service builds on Sydney Airport’s technology strategy, which is delivering new and more customised ways for visitors and passengers to access the information they need when planning their trip to the airport.Sydney Airport has implemented a suite of state-of-the-art technology, including free Wi-Fi and airport apps, self-service check-in, automated bag drops, SmartGates, dynamic wayfinding e-directories and beacon technology.New multilingual Flight Information Displays (FIDS) are also available in 13 languages at the T1 International terminal. The new look FIDS feature bolder colours, larger font and a more intuitive display to enhance readability and wayfinding for passengers.The airport is Australia’s leading airport for social media followers, with around 160,000 followers across Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn and offers the BizTweet service in 41 languages, from Arabic through to Vietnamese.About Sydney AirportSydney Airport is Australia’s gateway airport, serving 42 million passengers a year and connecting Sydney to a network of around 100 international, domestic and regional destinations.Located just eight kilometres from the city centre, Sydney Airport contributes $30.8 billion in economic activity a year, equivalent to 6.4 per cent of the NSW economy. Sydney Airport is a major employer in NSW, generating more than 306,700 direct and indirect jobs, equivalent to 8.9 per cent of NSW employment. Some 29,000 of these jobs are at the airport itself.About TIC and BizTweetTIC is an innovative technology company based in Cork, Ireland. Serving customers across four continents, it designs bespoke and user friendly software solutions that businesses can use and adapt to communicate more efficiently with their customers.BizTweet is TIC’s flagship product and has won numerous business awards since its inception in 2011. The innovative software provides corporations with the ability to segment their customer base depending on their customer’s data and send pre-configured Tweets in real-time. Helping businesses to overcome the problems of impersonalised or time-sensitive social media replies and responses, BizTweet helps businesses to stand out from their competitors, easily and effectively.Source = Sydney Airportlast_img read more

Study Shows New Jersey Has Highest Property Taxes Hawaii Has Lowest

first_img in Daily Dose, Featured, News, Origination Homeowners with almost insignificant property taxes and those with hefty burdens are, literally, about as far apart as you can get, according to a new report by Wallet Hub regarding the states with the highest and lowest property taxes in the nation.The recently released April report finds that homeowners in Hawaii have the country’s lowest property tax burden, coming in at an average of $482 per year. Meanwhile, New Jerseyans must contend with the highest property taxes, paying an average of just under $4,000 a year. This puts the national average for property taxes at $2,089 a year, almost to the dollar what residents of Massachusetts, Alaska, and Minnesota (ranked 31st to 33rd) pay.Wallet Hub’s rankings, however, do not factor in the hidden costs with which mortgage borrowers must often contend. Mortgage companies, for example, typically add one-twelfth of a borrower’s estimated property taxes to that client’s monthly mortgage payment (a process called escrow or impound) as a way to stave off costly filing and service costs they would assume should a borrower go delinquent.But while some states, such as California, allow residents to pay property taxes as part of their mortgages, others do not. According to the National Tax Lien Association, property tax delinquency sends roughly $15 billion worth of homes into foreclosure annually.  According to Thomas C. Kinnaman, a professor of economics at Bucknell University, every $1,000 in property tax increases equals a $50,000 increase in the cost of the house.Diane Lourdes Dick, assistant professor of law at Seattle University, reminds that mortgage borrowers should be aware of more than just the dollar amounts quoted for a property tax bill, whether hidden in a mortgage loan payment or paid separately. “Taxation is not only important from a home affordability standpoint,” she says. “The way that tax revenues are used by the government to fund education, infrastructure, and public services should also be considered by prospective buyers.”Alabama, Louisiana, Delaware, and South Carolina round out the five states with the lowest property taxes, each coming in at less than $1,000 a year. Michigan, Nebraska, Connecticut, Texas, Wisconsin, New Hampshire, and Illinois join New Jersey in having annual property taxes that average above $3,100 a year. Study Shows New Jersey Has Highest Property Taxes; Hawaii Has Lowest homeowners Property Taxes Wallet Hub 2015-04-06 Scott_Morgancenter_img April 6, 2015 585 Views Sharelast_img read more

Bound Roundconsumer mediafamily travel

first_imgBound Roundconsumer mediafamily travel Two Australian consumer family travel media companies – Bound Round Pty Ltd and Elwin Media Pty Ltd – have today announced a merger of their respective businesses – Family Travel and Out & About with Kids – effective immediately.The two brands will operate as a singular brand, Family Travel, and Bound Round says the addition of Out & About with Kids magazine and digital to its stable of owned channels will increase its scale and reach in the travel segment. “Over the years, both brands have established themselves as innovative and trusted names in the family travel segment. Joining forces enables us to operate with increased scale and improved efficiencies, as well creating opportunities for us to create and deliver more market-leading content and family travel offers for our community,” said Bound Round Founder & CEO, Janeece Keller. As a result of the merger, Out & About with Kids publisher Elisa Elwin has been appointed as the Head of Family Travel Magazine and Partnerships, and Executive Editor at Bound Round. She will be responsible for the delivery of the editorial strategy and direction of the Family Travel brand in collaboration with Natasha Keller, Bound Round’s Head of Online, Marketing and Communications. Tatyana Leonov has been appointed editor of the print publication, which will continue as Out & About With Kids until relaunch in the second half of 2018.“While the broader print industry may be undergoing a period of strain and disruption caused by the growth of digital, this is also a time of great opportunity. As a small, independent publisher, now was the perfect time to harness the power of a collaborative partnership,” said Elisa Elwin, adding that partnerships are key to the success of any independent publisher.The merger between the two brands, in the digital space, will be a longer transition. will continue to operate alongside for the remainder of 2018, with content and campaigns to run across both sites and to both audiences.last_img read more