Website operation initial promotion focus and promotion channel analysis

many of my friends asked me, to determine their own goals, also know some promotion methods, but no matter how to do optimization, keywords, Baidu included or difficult or keywords do not, seeing their efforts to pay no effect, but can not find the reason. I feel wronged. Ask me what shortcut and method I can do quickly.

the answer is yes, of course. The reason is whether you know your own optimization priorities and promotion channels,

in the lecture before the small argument or to emphasize a basic problem! A good website is the operation of the foundation, even if the company a good website are not. Suggest that you start with the revised website,


therefore, there is a good website, making the short-term goal, then determine the optimal point, analysis of the core optimization, is the focus of the new line on the site throughout the entire operation cycle and promotion channels and optimize the key! Both of them have a very close relationship, can also be said to focus on optimizing your promotion channels.

first: from the inside out, consolidate the foundation.

line on the site, do not rush to do outside the chain of keywords and website, first check the internal basis for website design a complete user experience report, as far as possible to check the internal defects, such as multi chain, false chain, site layout, style collocation, function of navigation, content integrity, readability, user settings whether reasonable etc.. If a person’s energy is limited, you can also launch a colleague to help you click on the site and do a good registration of their click experience. Always remember a word, your website is ultimately user oriented, not how you want to do, how to do, and all the value of operation must be based on user needs!


second: clear the scope of promotion, determine the initial promotion channels.

is a new online website, do not always think about what is going to weight high site exchange links, you need to understand what position? Do not always go for the navy to help you, it requires a lot of energy, no money site, Navy not bird you! Not all day blind mixed forum posting, many. The key is to mix the station position, apart from the others increase the weight and visits to the site, not what the actual effect on you. Rather than blindly xiahun, give yourself a set or several promotion channels, starting from their best and most obvious effect? As I am now Terry investment company, I generally have the following marketing channels: micro-blog, WeChat, the official official blog (at least one), the Forum (recommended to Admin5, Chinaz this kind of weight is high, included fast), the official website Post Bar, Baidu Library (publish your website and so on), know, Wikipedia (Encyclopedia of enterprise is very difficult to do now). The first two months to do these, as much as possible to cover the enterprise keyword is already very difficult, and blog weight is higher than the general forum, such as Admin5, such forums except kazakhstan. Baidu generally has the following: Encyclopedia, know, Arts >