Seven tips to quickly improve the enterprise marketing website conversion rate

introduction: now many small and medium enterprises have joined the ranks of the network marketing, some enterprises through the Internet to get a lot of orders, the effect of network marketing in some enterprises are not very good, do good business, every day there are many traffic and precise flow into the enterprise marketing website, but there is no inquiry, think oneself industry of Internet users is not mature, not enough to allow enterprises to do network marketing, gradually lost confidence, there are many enquiries conversion rate is not high reason, of course, with the industry is not much, but there is a direct link with the marketing tool, inquiry of the conversion is not high enterprises many websites are the traditional template, and now is not the mainstream personalized marketing website, today Xiaobian depth and share and improve enterprise marketing Website conversion skills.

first, in-depth understanding of the specific needs of users

every industry has its own characteristics, each industry user habits and the point of interest is not the same, the transformation consulting to better, the most important is to let customers interested in a detailed understanding of the needs of users, browsing habits, the important content of interest to the user display in a reasonable position, to attract users, one is attracted to click consultation;

second, page design to integrate industry characteristics and corporate culture

The design of the appearance of the

is to keep the user first elements necessary to determine whether the user browsing depth, the first impression is very important, we want to build our window, can be attractive in appearance, allows the user to browse further impulse, can be unique in design, can easily allow the user to remember;

third, important content on the first screen,

in addition to the appearance of the importance of the contents of the layout is also very important, the construction of enterprise marketing website content especially, a very large amount of information, according to the domestic network browsing habits, not in order to browse, but watched selected, in order to attract users, allowing users to understand, must take the important content directly placed on the first screen, so that users can get more information;

fourth, facing the pages must be clear understanding of

landing page marketing force is directly related to a precise traffic transformation, many enterprise transformation is not good, because the user does not consider their actual needs, but according to the idea, the result is not the user wants to see, this website exists no marketing force, no conversion, remember not to packing content and advertising, show valuable content can be done in solving user problems, promote our own strength;

fifth, message registration information should not be too complicated,

Of course, when

users read page information, that can also be to further communication, some will direct consultation, some will leave a message on the enterprise marketing website on the left of their relevant information, this time, if >