Say something to a friend who has just made a website

my language level is not good, please forgive me brother. Why do you do website? Interest? Make money? Occupation?


if it’s money, it’s better not to do it. Because you buy space and domain names, you worry for months. This is my personal experience. Why do you say that,


I have seen how many people earn on the Internet and how much I envy. I feel like I have been consuming online for so many years. I don’t even have a website, so I bought (space, domain name). Now silly, not the space is not good, but their own mongolia.


started with PHPCMS, less than 5 hours for a PHP168, and then change the DEDECMS, then change, basically all the CMS program I have changed, because it is not familiar with, not easy to use, the template does not look good, nice free money are reluctant to spend, so that for the money, best friends do not rush to a station, the best first plan again, change is always better than your plans quickly, can’t imagine.

after half a month of time in my dreaming. I plan to do a web site related to my major, that is, the computer. Everybody do not laugh, although I am computer major, but I also dish. I don’t want to food, but we are not taught in schools ", are self-taught, level is not high, only the production of a simple ASP page, database connection, can read HTML, can make a small screen, QQ space message that those commonly used.

site is now a station, and today added a dozen articles. It looks like a website.

was a small success, too. Now I don’t love money, but changed, want to learn, learn what to put what the article to the site, I think I see what is generally the beginners to see, so be sure to help novice friends, I do not expect the website can bring me wealth, but I believe that as long as I to learn knowledge, there is a website to make money, but not now.