The best way to manage webmaster

see a lot of people to write Adsense business articles, most of the business of personal webmaster is to technology, because the lowest for individual stationmaster start-up costs, a computer, a person can start their own business, but do not understand the technical management personnel how to become a the success of the


in today’s rapid development of science and technology, web site for people is more and more simple, from the very beginning, high price please network company to do, to personal production, in the template operation, development is very fast. For now the webmaster technology is more and more big challenge, you might have written procedures, less than two days to be copied, but most of the people who belong to their mode of replication management center.

then do not understand the technical management of the webmaster, you did not and technical owners of the same technical core competitiveness, then your core where,

?The integration of

! For you only for website integration!, technical problem is a bottleneck for management, but the integration is your greatest strengths, for by very simple examples: Western entertainment network ( is a living example, the webmaster is not a technical manager, it the LOGO is generated from the Internet, home is to use others a very simple news release system, that can make people know that a news system is so simple. However, when you enter this site, you will find that there is a lot of content inside, so how does a manager implement this massive content station,

?In fact,

integration is like playing Rubik’s cube different module, put in different places to form a unique shape, as long as you grasp the target audience’s heart, then you will soon accumulate popularity, grasp the source of your profits, then you have to do is to take the lead into the source of your "Swan Lake" let the profit source of constant flow into rivers and lakes, and every inch of your land.

technology is a mass of mud, now mud everywhere, to find a piece of good mud, with your mind to shape, create exquisite products, sell a good price, this is the best way out of the management of the webmaster!