What can do to make money in the current network environment

today we are going to talk about the network but also how to make money? I want to mention this topic, no one is not good, after all, now this society what is in need of money, no money can’t do anything.

network to make money, is a very popular topic! But it is a pity that many people have misunderstood the meaning of it, that the network is to make money for nothing, but some people do, but on the contrary, the network that it is impossible to make money, is a lie. In fact, to say that the Internet makes money, its real concept should be "small home office" means, "SOHO Office" (Small Office Home). Originated in the late 80s in the United States, I believe many of my friends have heard about SOTHO, now in China still belong to the initial stage, in the near future, SOTHO will be known to every family, so now is an opportunistic stage. Do not many people, any one industry is the same, few people do so to earn money much easier.

Chinese has a disadvantage that it is always love behind, see others do their own to do, once a successful, then desperately to follow. When others succeed you do then what is the use? If this is true, and will never have the opportunity to you pass. I think this may be the cause of a lot of people don’t believe the reason can make money on the Internet! Friends, don’t see others succeed myself to do, dare to try, bold try, try, fail, we do not regret it, regret is why dare to try


don’t worry, just look at a few small stories, maybe you have some inspiration, understand what you want to talk about today, and maybe let you think of some of your own ways:

two a young man in a stone mountain, two is bungled into cobble to carry the roadside, sell a building, directly to the stone to the dock, and sold to Hangzhou businessman. Because the stones here are always grotesque, he thinks it’s better to sell than to sell. Three years later, selling rocks became the first young man in the village to build houses.

later, not only mountains, trees, and the people here are contracting the orchard. Every autumn, the eight party Yaerli attracted all over the mountains and plains taking off. They piled up the pears into baskets and carried them to Beijing, Shanghai, and then to Korea and japan. Because the pear juice here is strong, crisp and sweet. Bring in human Yaerli Haruki’s day off as cheerful as a lark who sold the rocks, people began to sell fruit, a willow. Because he found that the businessmen here could not afford to pick a good pear, but they could not afford to buy the basket of pears. Five years later, he became the first person to buy a house in the city.

then, a railroad runs north and south from here. After people get on the train, they can go north to Beijing and south to kowloon. Small village opening to the outside world, fruit growers also from a single selling fruit began to develop, fruit processing and market development. When some people began raising funds to set up factories. "