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company opened, has a half months not to write articles, always want to write an article about the valley brother advertising articles before, but the time has been very tight, the article did not write, I find myself want to write an article now, one is to enrich their lives, the two is to improve their writing level.

in fact, there are many things need to be done by yourself, and you can write it according to your own experience. For example, in recent years the webmaster experience, website promotion and advertising, advertising alliance and the choice of a series of things! In fact, as a webmaster is particularly hard, I remember when I first entered this industry, joined the advertising alliance, looking at a few cents advertising revenue, and later to 2 dollars the income, moving mood, can not calm.

still remember the Qihoo in the league now there are a few dollars in deposits, has not received. Rely on advertising alliance really receive money, or in a small game site, only after getting a little income promotion, see to the bank card, the mood for a long time can not calm. Now as a webmaster to feel our new things on the observation ability is very weak, that is 06 years when someone began trading servers connected, then think of the words that can sell 10 to 20 yuan, also sold, did not think it was on the website of the family disaster, many small game in Baidu good position, and finally to a page left to pull the wool, the feeling of heartache, fantasy one day to be returned from the Baidu, greatly disappointed and return results. Game station is also an end, and if they do not see little Li, how bad the site?. The energy-saving trend began to rise, we joined the ranks of the station to make beautiful pictures, crazy download, are beautiful pictures, crazy propaganda, then could reach 1000 yuan monthly income.

then made several pictures, rampant in the picture station days, earn a little more or less, I think the income of over 10000 yuan friends when advertising There are plenty of people who earn money, the most crazy time, what products are, including supplies, supplies and so on through the mirror of all advertising are listed the rise of picture website trend, like every webmaster hands is a beautiful picture, hanging point pop-up ads can earn some money, in fact we are advertising the wedding dress, deduction amount, delayed commissions, poor webmaster, boil the night promotion website, get the income, whether for our health the body and mind.

08 years 09 years the country started to organize a large number of sites, with beautiful pictures stand domain name was sealed, my station is also included, with income disappear, start looking for new sites, because the program has been using DEDE this template, change is also more familiar, so I want to do a novel station has not found a suitable template, the domain name registered on the novel, but also did not put up here.

early game data or some, and then we are back to the small game above, when the castration