Baidu algorithm is very stupid do garbage station is very special very flooding


has been concerned about the station network, but rarely write network course than out early, but did not make a stand holding the hands of hundreds of millions of total flow dumps and millions of dove. I just love to do Different people have different aspirations., garbage station, without too much thinking, a simple model can successfully "".

recent Baidu algorithm has heard big adjustment, the funny thing is that Baidu likes garbage station, my dozens of stations have risen again. But many professional station normal station even BLOG was blocked, especially new sites, CN meters are K too fierce, the new site is certainly not a good PR value chain, the ranking is not much, needless to say, almost 80% new sites in Baidu search can not survive 2 months. This is the search for disease, control garbage station would rather kill one thousand, do not let go one hundred. The pain and anger of the little station leaders went nowhere. In 2008, too many old owners were diverted or transferred to the underground. It was easy to do "gangster" money,


, I still insist on sucking blood from the internet. From 2000 to now, 8 years of accumulated experience is one of the greatest wealth. Search, there will be garbage stations, I do not have more than one, is not it? Simple to share the experience:

one, do website to amount to win

don’t give up the whole forest for a tree, the tree will be searched K sooner or later, whether it is good or to have the trash from the amount of the qualitative leap. Because we do not know what is "good"? Don’t take "tree" in a piece of land, forest fires and some. The IP also often uprooted, the amount of seeding is the blossom everywhere, everywhere, large tracts of forests on the rise.

two, no technology, but not without capital,

one yuan CN domain name would rather not, unless it is very old, very short Baidu included except, otherwise prefer to buy 40 yuan a COM. Advertising must be quickly opened, the site can be virtual space, but advertising must be better than the machine, good speed. Willing to pay for the wolf.

three, collection is the last word, everyone is rewritten Internet N times


collection is simple, software, management background, see Webmaster Tools everywhere what the most skilled on the line, no special requirements, as long as you can automatically update the data generated HTML best can generate the best. Search is also like "fake update".

four, to stand to stand in order to flow nutrient flow

did not elaborate, everybody knows.

five, don’t do too arrogant,

the best thing to do is to break the law, let dove out, you can’t get someone else’s Bank card. Take a look at it, I know it is "Panda", but it is exposed scenery, die early. Know what the long-term development can be neither humble nor pushy not overdo sth..

, show me my garbage station: