50 days on the line

imperceptibly, the website has been launched more than fifty day, there will be more of it, I can’t remember exactly, which should not be difficult for outsiders to have, only you webmaster friends can understand my words.

first, let me do my next stop.

loves ebook www.9itxt.com

a look at the name of the website will know is to do e-books download, I am more dedicated, only to do mobile TXT e-book download.

with many novice webmaster, as before to think about how to save money, how to save money, bought the 1G space only spent more than 200 yuan, a CN domain name a dollar, add up to less than 300.

but I’ve had a hard time following the official launch.

first of all, the problem of spatial instability, 1G space is only more than 200 yuan, we can imagine it out of quality, cheap, no good goods, this sentence really classic. But there is no way, first make use of, after a period of time to change it.


domain name it spent 1 dollars to get a CN domain name, but after a period of time to see a friend of the pertinent advice on Admin5, eventually registered this COM domain name, no detailed comparison of the collection, but it should be stronger in the. COM domain name.

now updates and modifies the web site day and night, while looking for some new news to make a selling point for the site, ~~~


website launched nearly 1 months time, the search engine has already submitted, but only Yahoo, GG included, Baidu has not happened, that anxious ah, but there is no way, only on the Internet looking for information to find out the reasons, now should be the first time to replace the domain name and website name to replace.

finally in April 20 when the number, Baidu finally included the small station, that day traffic rose TM, two times more, MMD, really is not covered. Now, although the flow of small stations is not much, but it is also very stable, and because there are updates every day, but also a steady growth.

yes, about the website advertisement problem, must remind everybody below, stationmaster pays close attention to greatly.

now has a lot of advertising, these brothers choose advertising alliance must pay attention, some of the alliance ad code would be considered by GG to be malicious code, and others through the GG search to your site, but a look at the GG was suspected to be a malicious web site, white lost traffic, not wronged it is. So, at the beginning of the web site, you can go to the host, do you want to add this kind of code, rather than advertising, do not do these lost traffic thing.

, but if you really think GG is a malicious web site, it does not matter, you log into the GG account, find the website management, which can be modified inside