Hu Xiaodao a grassroots opinion or suggestion on the stewardess network

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some opinions or suggestions on "stewardess network"

– website operations from grassroots folks, think about

remembers starting out with space sister, because she was doing a career related website (I want to publish At that time, the website system used is Dai Zhikang’s program, and then in the landscaping of the website above to find the discuz forum template class post, from which a beautiful website into my field of vision, it is the stewardess network. A careful thought, I think the flight attendants network to a great extent, and I do the site is very similar, which can be summarized as two points: 1, all belong to professional communication class. 2, most of the members are concentrated in women.

at that time the stewardess network, the webmaster themselves in the early stage of publicity, such as Webmaster Station, outdated, discuz community has left the webmaster and stewardess network shadow. At the same time, the domestic media is also speculation about airline stewardess kind news (I guess is the webmaster should start from these news network airline stewardess?), so the airline stewardess network just opened station will receive a good effect. Until today, look at the airline stewardess nets, popularity is still very good, but compared to the previous and slightly decreased, which may have a great relationship with its foreign propaganda station.

The following

make one from the grassroots civil airline stewardess net "in the following operational thinking, not on behalf of any other person’s point of view, if there are mistakes, it can hardly be avoided when the AC power.

one, forum articles

overall forum hot spot analysis:

hot plate ranked as follows: Irrigation Zone, forum, show, civil aviation airline stewardess self mapping,

flying mood

other sections due to less day post, regardless of which.

from the above information can be drawn as follows related thinking and discussion:

1, can the stewardess literature be canceled?.

for the airline stewardess this kind of crowd, whether literary accomplishment aside, only this analysis driven by the popularity, the daily post is only several posts, should use the lifeless to describe a little too much. Rather than occupy the page, it is better to cancel the site’s leisure positioning in the end.


2, "civil aviation topics" and "leisure topics" be exchanged?.

set the whole network in the column are airline stewardess a bit messy, "civil aviation special" and "leisure project" two plates, the former is largely a semi formal atmosphere, is related to the exchange of information.