Huang Xiangru where is the road for financial and economic websites

The nineteenth Chinese Internet development report data related to early

CNNIC released by the Chinese Internet users access to information needs have changed: the news demand has been relegated to second, access to financial information demand has accounted for 41%, he hopes to get useful information, including network, network financial stocks have accounted for the investigation 10.5%.

at present, the domestic relatively professional financial website is broadly divided into three categories. The first category is a web site funded by traditional media or traditional media and other companies to provide financial content as the main business. Its remarkable characteristic is that the information released is authoritative and the economic report is deep, but the technical power is general. The second category is the emerging financial website and portal financial channel, its remarkable feature is to provide a variety of free services, technical force is powerful. The third category is a brokerage background or directly opened by the brokerage site, they are considered an extension of the original brokerage business, mainly through the publication of research reports and future online trading business to attract investors.


Wang Shicheng, vice president of China Light Industry Federation, exchanged friendly views with Huang Xiangru

experts believe that the professional financial website from the development trend, its content should be more and more deep, more and more sophisticated; its products are becoming more and more specialized, more and more in line with international standards. Continuous innovation and development, the formation of their own characteristics and competitive advantages of information content and product services, training a number of loyal users, will become the survival of the financial website. With the media tycoon Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation and the Canadian media giant Thomsen group announced the acquisition of Dow Jone am Co in the United States and the British Reuters plan, the two are much higher than the purchase price of the acquired value, which reflects the market for the new understanding of the value of financial media.

The development of space

current investment market and the capital market is vast, enormous potential users of millions of people, the audience demand for financial news is huge, the entire user dependent financial website in unceasing enhancement, the financial website browsing time is upward growth trend. Ideally for all financial websites, financial websites and financial media are growing rapidly, and in this case some acquisitions and investments involving traditional financial media can be imagined.

financial information for the first time the massive show in front of all the people, in the era of information overload, the first consideration is how to effectively integrate the vast amounts of information, the most basic is the site of the location, the next step is innovation. Recently I analyze some financial websites in research and also with a few friends in the Internet communication, today on this topic to discuss, hope that we can put forward more different ideas and strategies, we combine forces to increase our vision, hope to inspire those who do financial websites can be friends.

, as you all know, financial specificity makes financial websites and other websites different from their web sites in their architecture and operations