From my 5 years of construction experience talk about the construction of online shop and SEO stati

I fall in love with the network

five years ago, and also with a website, at that time only know how to make a website, actually at that time really wrong, in a chance, I saw SEO station, there are a lot of people use SEO to do online SEM sales, slowly fell in love with him. In the beginning, there was no open source online code, and it was only when he studied zen-cart that he discovered his function and what he did for the user experience. It was really good.

in fact, we all know, now the site is not advertising money earned, but if the use of the network to do sales, as long as you can insist on, will certainly bring you a surprise. Didn’t anyone say that twenty-first Century was the age of e-commerce?.

generally a good successful online shop, we must do the following, I use ZEN-CART to illustrate:

1: use the W3C standard to rebuild the Zen Cart shop template attractive a good template for the customer is great, let you shop for Google, Baidu has more affinity for sustainable development, let you shop.

2: from the user experience point of view to modify some of the nuances of Zen cart, is really seize every high-quality visitors, improve the core conversion rate.

3: the process of making, from the perspective of SEM to design templates, and SEO perfect combination, access to more high-quality customers.

What about the

SEO pinch, everyone should know, a shop made no one to access is not what benefits, how can you improve your access to pinch, in addition to good products, and outside your reputation, need SEO website optimization reasonable, including analysis and distribution, key words: website internal optimization, the implementation of long-term link strategy. In addition to the internal web site optimization I will give consideration to the procedure in the process of doing site, no matter what the situation is, the general should be customer’s own doing SEO, I can’t do SEO instead of the customer, I just guide customers how to do.

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