Hand taught you how human flesh Adsense liar

, the author fought online for many years, do not want to have been cheated once, but also from a few months ago.

dedecms as a loyal users, I added a lot of Dede QQ group, July, met a romance in the group of webmaster, has been complaining is how depressed, love setbacks, cause (personal website) did not look, how to promote are only a few hundred IP, do not want to engage in the website, to save the failure out of love and the cause of the low, even meters with data selling low price, a reflection to the fare home.

it was my own website the glorious period, a student Dutch act event, reported the relatives on my website message to clarify the facts, I was very moved, and the dollar is to flow greatly, make myself dizzy, thinking of the expansion.

so I traded with this station without an agent or a witness. Domain name is not transferred, as long as the Registrar of the ID and password there. After the transaction, I had to do some optimization and change the data, but the data actually found second days to restore, I see dedecms backstage management records, IP is found at the same place is not my own records, I asked him whether to enter the background, he explained that there is absolutely no data, only sold I am a man, I put the background shots to him, he said he did at the bar when the network management station, may be other people into the. I have no language, changed the background code trouble.

later because of work reasons, did not engage in the site, and last week I opened the domain name to buy a look, how is not my station interface? I immediately boarded the FTP, found that the data are normal. Again Ping the next domain name, depend on, point to IP incredibly is not my server. I immediately landed in the domain name management background, landing can not, I realized that may be cheated, immediately QQ that sell domain name, but did not respond.

I searched for the man’s usual ID:qtinwang, and found that he was now changing QQ, and selling a game site data, I immediately changed vest, loaded with data to buy Q, he really responded. Also the dead don’t insist that the data only sold me a person, as for the domain name of things, let me ask the space. By the way, I don’t know your tricks, use the password of the Registrar, get the password, and then push to the second buyers account. Even if I have the original ID password, there is only one purchase record, and no domain name control authority.

then pulled my QQ black and ignored me.

today, this is just hope he can be a sober minded, repent and be saved.

people on the Internet, where there are transparent stealth, just search, know everything, a little bit of money, why bother?.

also reminds others that there is a risk in online transactions. It is better for an unfamiliar person to have an intermediary or a witness to buy a domain name.

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