Baidu included more strict webmaster release soft Wen more effort

early this morning to open the site to monitor a look, my weight loss site snapshot also updated, and the chain is also stable increase, but the fatal is, Baidu SITE less 1/3. Is the site to drop right? Not ah, snapshots are updated, and recently no search engines do not like it. Carefully checked and found the deleted articles are reproduced and changed less articles, but also deleted articles I have another website, there is relatively little change when other people. It seems that Baidu in the article included in the audit more stringent.

now most of the webmaster is on the increase in the soft to increase the content of the web site to update the original completely original article is less and less, so the Revised Reprint of others is the best way. And stationmaster in reprint often will have the following kinds of means:

1, the background of the direct collection and release: this method used in my early days, the effect is of course everyone knows, and almost never been included. That veteran should not do so.

2, background collection and modification: to the medium-term, I have used this method, but the effect is not very good. Because the collection place all comes from the same website, even if you have changed to the article, for a long time, the search engine will still find something wrong. My site is the same, almost half a month later, Baidu will delete these articles.

3, manual to different sites to find suitable articles, manual modification: this way is better, but also have to pay attention to skills when modifying. Some people change the beginning, and some change the ending. Some stationmaster again diligent fast, still can change next article paragraph sort.

Gaitouhuanwei chaos paragraph which I now use way. I will see the appropriate article first according to the original title of the article with the content of the article for a different title, this title is not only to comply with the contents of the article, also with the best customer search habits into keywords oh. It’s like losing weight. Sometimes you change to lose weight, and you’ll find more people. Then change the paragraph at the beginning of the article. It’s going to be more interesting. According to the meaning of each sentence can be modified, instead of watching a according to a modification, it is time-saving. Then the middle of the article, in fact, the use of disrupted order is not very good, and I recently deleted articles are also part of these articles, perhaps because Baidu audit more stringent bar. It’s better to make a little change for each paragraph. Finally, it’s better to add some of your opinions to the end. In this case, an article is not only false original, not only search engines think so, and your website users will think it is original.

this is my summary of the reprint articles for the webmaster, of course, I have two years to sum up the content of the summary. You can see my longest weight loss website, http://s.www.zhengdian.>