Keyword ten days of time in Baidu home tutorial

first introduced my new station, QQ2009 address will not write, a QQ2009 on the station, the above for my new station registration time. Now QQ2009, Baidu is ranked fifth, sometimes dropped to seventh, and today IP should be around 6000. Registration time is 18, officially began to do the time to forget the station, the following is about how I can make IP 6000.

, first of all, determine the content of your site and keyword, suggest you use the Baidu index to find the corresponding keywords. Here, I chose the keyword QQ2009, QQ2009 this keyword, the current search volume of more than 2W per day. After selecting the keyword flow, we should analyze and analyze the competitive intensity of selected keywords. QQ2009 this keyword competition is good, not too strong. As for how to determine the strength of the competition, I only analyze your home page the title of the site and the chain, specific to grasp it, I will not dwell on.


determines the good keywords, then you can start building your content. To carry out the content around key words, do not be content, to make the whole station of the content of the site for keyword services, content keywords related to the degree of increase of the most perfect, there is little, the content to be practical, that is to say the user search keywords to find what he needs, this does not violate Baidu will not the site is punished. Another advantage of being practical for users is that you can get sustained outside chains. The article is carried out around QQ2009, the content is limited to QQ2009, there is no other content unrelated to QQ2009. The contents of the article to the original, Baidu love original thing, that I think we all know much above, if you can’t write out what, then pseudo original content! I spend much time, also dozens of pages, but I guarantee that every page I have have the value of existence. I despise the kind of collection, collected tens of thousands of pages, but 90% of the pages have no meaning. About the content is simple, that is, "fine", "quasi", "original" and "practical"".

SEO the most simple level is nothing more than a content + chain, I used the wordpress blog system, structure of lightweight program can let me free to control the entire site, now I just contact dedecms feel very difficult to control, WP advertising is relatively less, the orz…… Station optimization, nothing to say, content structure, cleaning code as simple as possible…… The next work is outside the chain, there is a very old but it’s really a word "content is king, the chain for emperor", the meaning of the chain equivalent to recommend a website there are links to you then the equivalent he recommended you to this site, a way to get the chain the main, Links, forum signature, blog links, and the soft left copyright link. Suggest you go to Admin5 to write some high standard of soft Wen, many websites will be in Admin5 mining >