Baidu statistics on 4 things you can not help but know

Baidu statistics in the webmaster circle is talking about more and more, especially after the last time out of a collection of quantity, maybe you have Baidu statistics ship, maybe you are still on shore looking.

but anyway, after the observation and thought of niche, and tell you, the following question is the first thing you need to know before you make a decision:

one, with Baidu statistics, affect the site included and ranked


we all know that Baidu is what character, and always a little webmaster is not what to say, say K K, there is no use crying. Baidu statistics, Baidu is not more clear to me?.

Baidu official statement is: "Baidu statistics and Baidu included rankings without any impact on the relationship," the reason is that "Baidu does not need to rely on Baidu statistics to know how much traffic to the site."".


niche had been curious about this, also specially studied the Baidu search results of the source code, function is indeed onmousedown (see below), it seems not Baidu statistics, Baidu does search results point out statistics.


, but that doesn’t exclude suspicion. Asked a few courageous Baidu webmaster statistics, at least not yet really heard a Baidu statistics, is the K station, there was a lucky guy (not say who), also due to the use of the Baidu restoration statistics included, ha ha.

My opinion is:

for those of us who do the station, should not be a problem, and there is even a good (why? We think, Google search results optimization have been used in Google analytics data, Baidu is also estimated soon).

two, Baidu included query tools, what’s the use?

a lot of people know and use Baidu statistics, one reason is that some time ago caused heated discussion of Baidu included query tools, as follows.


official said, "this is a lot more accurate than the site command of the amount of data collected," specifically why more accurate, did not explain, in short, are Baidu, and want to have a precise, not easy yet.

Why did

provide the data in Baidu statistics? I sent messages, asked several times, and didn’t answer me.

I guess: first, Baidu would like to use this data to push Baidu statistics, so that you can not use; two, there are other purposes, for example, remove the site command.

but again, niche, after research found that through this tool, you can still see a lot of cases:

1, if Baidu statistics found more than the amount of site command, especially site out only home >!