The way out for local communities portal and e commerce

usually exists in the local portal community form, from the activation level Xicihutong, to catch up from behind the 19 floor, Hefei forum, long lane, the main products are community. We usually refer to such websites as local communities, which are often local portals, local life portals, or local consumer portals. Looking back on the history of these websites and looking to the future, we can see the future direction of these websites:

will transform the portal and e-business in the absence of a deviation from the community model.

, this is the biggest progress in the local portal operation theory in 2009,

one, the history of local websites: grassroots, popularity, regional industry,

The main form of the

local website is the community, and it is BBS, a historical rule that is intriguing. Investigate its origin, we see the law is: "people first" is the core idea of web2.0.

‘s early flourishing telecommunications departments, local government departments, and local websites survived few advantages. What survived was almost exactly the same as the grass roots web site. So far, more than half the size of the well-known annual income of local sites, more than half of the grassroots. The reasons for this process are as follows:

· BBS is an inexpensive product. Grass roots can not afford to open the door, so they have to start with BBS.

· in the tough environment, grassroots webmaster in order to survive, pay more attention to the needs and feelings of users.

· Web2.0 is the grass-roots attributes of the product, must be close to the public, there is vitality.

The history of the growth of

local websites allows us to understand many of the Internet’s rules:

1, people’s livelihood is the primary task of the internet. The local site has two types of topics: the livelihood of the people and the voice of the people. Every aspect of people’s livelihood is people’s life, is the voice of the people is the basic necessities of life fuel; the hardships of the passions. People can bring popularity, but can not solve the website source of survival. The livelihood of the people not only solved the basic necessities of life, but also brought the survival and development of the power to the website. Therefore, the most important topic that we see now is the livelihood of the people. There are no more than 20 major industries involved in the industry, such as basic necessities and so on.

2, participation and interaction generate popularity. Industry recognized, in the Web2.0 field, popularity is the source of value. Popularity is not simple PV and IP, popularity is participation, user habits, user loyalty, user viscosity, user accuracy. Popularity stems from valuable service content, from the continuous interactive incentives.

3, the industry determines the network model. The main industry of the local gateway has the characteristics of regionalization and customization. This feature determines that buyers need to buy before