Webmaster are you still selling Chinese cabbage links

is probably from the beginning of 2007. At that time, I often removed from behind, to see a lot of the acquisition of Links posts, most of the post is PW webmaster, the purchase price is generally very low, the website of PR1-2 5-10 yuan / month, PR3-4 website 15-20 yuan / month. At that time I and many webmaster thought: link bit empty is empty, anyway, the other side of the station Baidu included normal, this money do not earn white do not earn, so pick up some of such a rich link.

do not know, this is not responsible for their own site, one hundred harm and no benefit, unless your station itself is garbage station. A few months after my website PR value dropped to 2, although later returned to the 3, but the Alexa rankings plummeted, dropped from 200 thousand to 1 million and more, of course, there are reasons to adjust the China Alexa official website ranking. But the removal of some PW website linked to horse problems, to be sure: for a new home with it like link network, GOOGLE and Alexa are not likely to what weight. Similarly, the exchange of friendship chain must choose the quality, the best kind of related websites.

I haven’t studied search optimization and Alexa ranking problem. These are just some personal experiences and opinions. Write and communicate with each other. At the same time welcome PR>, =3, search engine included normal computer network type website and I stand exchange links, my website: China webmaster sky (http://s.www.zzsky.cn), my QQ:8127544