Summarize 20 common ways of website promotion

1. forum to promote

whether you post or reply, or post, as long as the post is not advertising content, it is legitimate post, the post is not deleted, basically can bring a considerable number of visitors to the site. But do not busy blind operation, should be fitted to reality, in order to recommend ways to let the forum user know, otherwise the BBS administrator only need to click delete, promotion post can be missing.

2. blog promotion

blog more interactive, in the blog promotion, at the same time, the review must be sharp, sharp, attractive, can reach the focus of other people, can bring rich visitors.

Viral marketing for

3. pictures

, such as the signature in the BBS to attract eyeballs signature, QQ group in some home-made pictures, can play a certain effect.

4. email promotion

email marketing needless to say, has been considered a viral marketing, through the QQ group, or some software to collect a lot of personal messages, and send the message, but also pay attention to mass scale, otherwise it will soon be time by email service providers considered * * * mail processing, such the effect will undoubtedly greatly reduce the promotion effect.

5. exchange friends chain

and popular popularity site chain exchange is also a strategy, remember the early DM games forum, just do some large game portal and special station chain, every day can bring a maximum of more than 100 IP, this effect is self-evident.

6.QQ mass promotion

QQ group, everyone knows, that is, to make good promotional text, and then through QQ group mail or QQ group constantly mass, attracted access to users. However, this risk is also very high, too frequent promotion will lead to promotion, QQ will soon be Tencent freeze.

7. ad exchange

can find some traffic equivalent, or content complementary website exchange advertising, but also a very good method of promotion.

8. site navigation


site navigation station innumerable, if you have your own web site, the effect is very good, you can directly apply for.

9. search engine

can get users on search engines by good keywords, such as Google, Baidu, YAHOO, Bing, and so on.

10. business card publicity

can print some business cards and print web addresses to clients and friends.

11. network promotion

as long as you recommend one or two good articles on your web site >