Today’s headlines Xu Yilong if the content is good enough the more than 400 million users are yours


One of the features of

algorithm is to make headlines today individual heroes do not ask the source, whether you are what kind of hero, hero, or wild rose stands ten thousand hero, as long as you have the user value, today’s headlines will be on your eye. This is a new era of content for the king, the Internet content entrepreneurship is still far from the end of the wind.

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Xu Yilong: Deputy Editor in chief of today’s headlines


new media era is the production of most people, most people look at

I before traditional media, now in the new media headlines today, although this year we distribute in the content, but I feel most strongly that content is king, we realize more and more high-quality content is more and more important, although the theme of the conference is the content of entrepreneurship the next outlet, but from today’s headlines we believe that the golden age in terms of the content of entrepreneurship has just begun.

The special mechanism of

‘s headlines today is driving content entrepreneurship to be driven by very strong winds. You should be familiar with this picture, today’s headlines, launched in March advertising.


launched immediately after it has been suggested that today’s headlines are the data you made a mistake? Because we have 400 million users read the advertisement display, but also in March released data is 450 million, some people say that our data users and advertising does not match, in fact Advertising Copywriting is January, when the estimated users in March is to reach 400 million, in fact we underestimated the user growth rate, which has a user data error. The mistakes in the data suggest that today’s headlines are growing at a rapid pace. Most of all, we should like to see that the growth should be the vast majority of content producers, and we will provide more users to read more. The difference between new media and traditional media is the largest, the past is the production of a handful of people most people, the most typical features of the new media era is the most production most people see, only to see more people, we can provide more traffic for content producers.


to the new content of entrepreneurs timely assistance

The special mechanism of

today’s headlines are very friendly to many entrepreneurs in terms of content, we call for timely assistance. The headlines of the outlet, to the new content of entrepreneurs timely assistance.

is responsible for the "daily people" is my former colleague, she understood the importance of content production, resigned to do the production of the content, the number in today’s headlines in two months, second articles reading quantity is 480 thousand, fifth article reading quantity is 730 thousand, the highest amount of reading is 1 million 700 thousand.


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