Stationmaster annual meeting closes successfully stationmaster industry needs more attention

May 17th is a big day for the webmaster, the fourth Internet webmaster will be held in Beijing, the main venue is already crowded, I heard the venue owners more enthusiasm, many owners are standing after the annual meeting of the owners. Stationmaster annual meeting has such fiery scene, visible stationmaster this industry has become an independent industry in the life, have this oneself industry rule and responsibility.

as the saying goes, three hundred and sixty lines make the best. The industry in the emerging industry from now known by the people, the people have been gradually into the webmaster industry, has gone through several years, many webmaster is relying on the Internet have their own house, car and home, this is the webmaster occupation title for more owners more happiness and enjoyment.

of the financial crisis in 2008, defeating a number of industries, many industries in this industry have traveled alone, while the station in a crisis to continue forward, for the China Internet industry continues to add fresh blood. In the big wave of the Internet, personal Adsense has become an indispensable part.

In the webmaster

annual meeting, many excellent individual owners share their own web site experience, pointed out a direction for many novice webmaster webmaster career, perhaps this is the benign competition in the industry, is the webmaster industry has strong forward.

with the webmaster industry more and more mature at the same time, we can’t pay attention to the webmaster because of molding and reduce, we should give more and more attention to the webmaster. See the meeting of the individual survival of the webmaster to do a complete analysis, but also to the webmaster, usually the most commonly used software and so on to do an evaluation. Such meeting is the closest attention to individual stationmaster.

webmaster nets ( Wenyang think, China Webmaster Station, webmaster nets, outdated, etc is for webmaster service platform, should be more from the personal webmaster angle, for the webmaster to service. Concerned about the webmaster of life, to the owners of the latest consultation, the most suitable for their application, they do stand experience, give them a platform for the exchange, to strive for the webmaster, create a webmaster assured "home" is the most practical goal of these stationmaster service platform. Let the vital interests of the webmaster get real guarantee, but also for the Internet to cultivate more excellent webmaster.