User experience helps you achieve zero distance contact with your users

a lot of people have asked me, why do I always emphasize the user experience, how to narrow the distance between the user? Essentially, users in your web browsing process, every picture navigation, header format, layout etc., affect the user and the distance between the two sites is. Close or distant.

good user experience, can close the distance with the user, improve the efficiency of the user to complete the task and user satisfaction and comfort. Although the user experience does not determine whether a website is worth continuing to operate, it will ultimately determine how many users will like the site and browse it spontaneously. And we can look at the user experience distance from a few small details.

1. exquisite user interface design

although a good user experience doesn’t just mean the user interface, a sophisticated page can capture the user’s eye for the first time. From the visual impact to the actual use of comfort, is a step by step, complementary process. Look at the path in the picture below. The design is based on the classic red color, which is accepted by the public. The smooth design of the navigation bar is full of movement. In operation, if you like a picture, you can click the smiley icon in the upper right corner. If you think this picture is pretty bad, it’s not worth seeing, then you can choose a sad face. Use patterns to show how you feel about the picture. Using 5 different types of expressions is more attractive to the user than words.


2. emits an addictive atmosphere for

users browse the web, in addition to the job needs, often in order to meet the personal needs of the spiritual world. So, behind the elaborate page design, you need to let users see your value, distribute the addictive atmosphere, and let it use again and again. For example, Pinterest, one of the biggest pictures of social sharing sites. Its use of waterfall streams to show pictures has fascinated many users. This requires no user to turn pages, and new pictures are automatically loaded at the bottom of the page, eliminating the user’s considerable amount of time and effort. It provides users with a certain amount of space to store relevant photos according to their theme, saving time and effort. This is a way to make users addicted.


3. simplifies the program so that users easy to use


simplification program sounds like a simple thing, but it’s hard to do it. Why do we love Apple Corp products? Apart from the appearance and configuration, there is an important point is that the product always can make a novice quickly learn to use, just 2 steps to make the user can achieve the purpose of use. This is also a very important point in the website user experience. People always hate tedious, annoying complex, tend to one button type >