Personal website experience

, how do you locate the individual station?

in the ubiquitous network, Internet companies everywhere, online content seriously saturated today, personal website must have its own characteristics, many people may have this experience: starting from their most familiar industry! Many online content, only by a content system, put tens of thousands of articles, in the search for no good the performance is also difficult to improve visitor loyalty, website viscosity is not good, there is no development, always in the thousands of IP scale.

many owners are likely to encounter this problem: my site no longer has improved, how to do? So they started to do the second, third stations, and gradually formed a dumpster, do a few years of time, no one can maintain the life of the site.

so in the positioning of individual stations, must make full preparations, careful thinking: I do what what industry? What advantages? What are the possible competitors? What size? Developed by what means? These problems think more, for more detailed, more easy to do.

synthesis: positioning in a relatively small industry, relatively familiar with the professional, distinctive columns, there is the possibility of development.

two, personal station to traffic? Many people from the Internet to see what days do many IP practices, such as forum spam, what, these measures are not good, do not have their own characteristics, can not attract people, you hard every day, publicity, website also do well.

: so use your own features to attract a IP, two IP, and preferably retain some of your visitors,


traffic is saved, many methods can try, but in the end, you will find that the best way is to let visitors to help you propaganda, how to do it? You must give your visitors bring valuable content or service


three, search engine optimization, in the personal web site should be in what position?

for personal Adsense, most people do not have sufficient funds for publicity, so at the beginning of the website, the use of appropriate optimization to gradually promote, is the most effective and cheap method. But the optimization is not the most important, with the development of the website, is becoming more and more optimal decline, when you find no keywords can be optimized, or when you have to optimize the site no longer do to a certain extent, improve the time, you should consider: how not to use generalized optimization method site.