Where is the difference Why hasn’t Renren become China’s Facebook



remember the battle "three battles" before Chen Yizhou shouted? "I wonder how the battle is going now.". Recently, Liang Jian said on the snowball, at present, Renren net worth of $1 billion 300 million, cash 900 million. After deducting cash, the market only gives everyone 400 million of the company’s business valuation, in fact, far below Facebook. So he launched a discussion: why didn’t Renren make Facebook in China? It’s been discussed by a lot of users. This is a very interesting topic, many netizens point of view is more pertinent, I will net friend’s main views are as follows:

Facebook pays more attention to social concept

Facebook was originally created for purely social needs, and most of the users who are active on Facebook are also keen to share their lives. By contrast, Renren users are more interested in sharing other people’s new things. Facebook can rely on social concepts to retain old users, expand new users, users have a strong use of sticky. And Renren social concept to be relatively weak, more is relying on the game, buy, entertainment and other factors to expand the user, the user’s stickiness is not enough, Facebook strong.

Renren is too heavy,

Renren, sticky rice network, Jingwei business card pass, and everyone’s game are four businesses dealing with Facebook, Groupon, Linkedin and Zynga respectively. Renren is taking the integration of the line, a lot of SNS elements all built by themselves, many businesses, it is easy to weaken the social energy, and easy to form a platform closure. Facebook focuses on the social platform itself, while groups, games and other services are done by others, and the platform is open to third parties.

Limitations of

college students group


has changed its name from campus network to Renren, the main active users of Renren are still College students. Compared to Facebook, such positioning seems a little narrow. Of course, Renren does not place itself on the SNS website, nor does it want to expand its business users (such as the introduction of business cards). But there’s no way to avoid graduating from college and slowly moving away from the web to other platforms. Facebook’s user base is so much broader that both the student and the community are very active.

faces the challenge of WeChat, micro-blog, QQ,

China’s SNS industry will inevitably encounter this problem, even Sina, micro-blog will also receive the impact of WeChat. Although there are Twitter in foreign countries, Facebook and Twitter belong to different social networks, and their demand is also different. In >