The nine Betta 0 39 of the lending rate of bad debts is how to do it

lead: 0.39% of the bad debt rate is only a rough comparison, even lower than commercial banks. More surprisingly, founder of the nine Betta also said that it is not just a P2P financial platform.


"nine fish" is a P2P lending platform, like many P2P lending platform, the loan for small and medium enterprises and individual investors docking. Provide investors with guarantees and risk reserves to pay for investments.

latest data on the platform, their bad debt rate is only 0.39%. For the moment, regardless of the difference in computing methods between different platforms, only a rough comparison of this figure, lateral view, in many P2P platform, the bad debt rate is very low. Even worse than the bad debt rate of commercial banks.

more unexpectedly, founder of the nine Betta also said that it is not just a P2P financial platform.

P2P platform online docking is only the tip of the iceberg, to consider it, we must look at what is below it. To study the nine Betta, we must first look at its parent company Yaosheng (full name "China Yaosheng").

In a game of chess Yaosheng

. To understand Yaosheng doing, is worth pondering two examples:

last December, the Indonesian government commissioned by the Indonesian Embassy in China to find the financing problems of SMEs hope Yao Sheng, Corey Reith credit borrowing Yaosheng to service their development. It would be a big deal for Indonesia to solve the financing problem of this group, because 99.8% of the enterprises in Indonesia are all small and medium-sized enterprises. Although the end of the affair was a temporary absence of cooperation, "for the time being, we still did not go to Indonesia."." President Yuan Xulin said China yaosheng. But this key thing is that there is such a Yaosheng technology has been paid attention to.

the second thing is that in 2012, there is a kindergarten in Tongzhou to the customer’s credit Yao Sheng Yaosheng borrowing to buy 500 sets of bedding; at the same time, there is another customer credit Yao Sheng, the textile business, products are mostly supply large business borrowing to expand production. So, at the signing time, Yaosheng deliberately the two companies together, contributed to the two sides of the transaction.

why do these two things out, because it can vaguely let us see Yao Sheng has been doing and will do things in technological innovation on business boundary extension.

Yao Sheng from the beginning of 2006, has been the most important thing to do is to 2013 the credit rating of small and medium-sized enterprise. In this process, it is the core of the results, is specifically for small and medium enterprises credit Corey Ruisi technology. For 7 years, the technology moved from laboratory to commercial.

at the same time in the process, Yaosheng online.