Teach you how to get a higher weight of the collected articles

with large domestic CMS PowerEasy new cloud DEDECMS and other various types of CMS collection features! Network is everywhere collection!! use the acquisition tool is not used for a long time can make N more garbage site!! when the forum collection tool also appears on even more of the wind collection site basically! Can copy! Since this article is about the acquisition and the weight, I now digress we entered


my first! Site type classification information network: domain name registration: 2 years in Baidu weight: high purpose than collection site was compared to the original site: collecting, ensure the rankings and the weight of search engines: Baidu

we first look at how Baidu is to judge whether an information is original or collected!


1. a —-2. Baidu —-3. Baidu —4. spider spider included this page —5. audit rules —6. warehousing and shows the results in accordance with the law a message from Baidu to display the results included basic steps of


this steps the block have 2 days to complete! From 1 to 5 basically will take at least 1 days you do not ask me! I just published a collection of his will? As long as you are not K basically Baidu spider is your data temporarily saved the. Through 5 will show in search results,


when your information into the 5! Baidu is at this stage to determine whether the original or acquisition is determined from here! Your rankings! According to the above you have at least 1 days to operate so that you are the original Baidu!


lists examples:


collection site has about 500 new categories of information every day,

I use acquisition tools to set automatic collection,

8:10 every day, 12:14, 16:18, 20:22, 0 points for collection! And direct warehousing,


basically I stand information and be collected station information release time error is not more than 30 minutes!


, let’s see how Baidu judges,

5. rule review:

1. contrast existing data, the database whether there is the same content, does not exist, it is directly included, default this information attribute for the original,

2. compares existing data, whether or not there is the same content in the database, exists, enters the next contrast

3. exists the same content, in contrast to A and B belongs to the site in Baidu weight. Weight high wins, low behind row or direct delete!


knows the mechanism of Baidu’s audit, and we’ll be >