Zhu Wenjian the reason why nternet promoters have independent blogs


network promotion novice Q: I am a novice to learn network promotion, is not a must have an independent blog, but there is no independent blog, whether it is necessary to establish an independent blog? This problem in my contact network promotion after the most frequently heard, I think a personal blog is independent of the network to promote learning promotion skills, a very good interactive platform to share the experience in the promotion, but why not use BSP to share my article? For example in Baidu space faster included my article, learning network promotion purpose is not included in the article in order to promote their own brands, but. In the process of promoting the study and practice of network promotion, I can sum up my own experience, or I can make my feelings in the network promotion work or serve as a platform for learning and communication. Let me tell you why Internet users need an independent blog,

enhances personal brand

in the network mix of people have found that their network resources are relatively narrow, not many people know, life circle is relatively small, so that the promotion of their own network is very unfavorable. We should do well from our personal relationships, and we should build our own brand on the Internet and make more friends with the same mind. Contacts is money veins, the network is the same, have more contacts, means that their promotion will be easier to make detours on the way to success, and the establishment of an independent blog is to know more friends, the best way to reach more workers. It’s impossible to become an independent blogger, but I believe it’s very helpful to know more of your friends in the industry. Engaged in network promotion will understand this: in order to promote the product, we must first promote themselves.

promotion experience sharing

learning network promotion, in learning and practice, must encounter many problems or their own experience, independent blog is a share of your experience, experience platform. Good blog content, content is not substantial, it is difficult to increase user stickiness, improve the user’s turnover rate. This time you’ll share your original article, experience sharing article. Share your experience with this platform and you’ll have more friends in the world of promotion.

improves SEO technology

independent blog, like a small website, is a place where novices learn to practice theoretical knowledge and practice it on the blog through learning the Internet and promoting knowledge. The experience of their knowledge gaps. To establish their own independent blog to their learning to SEO optimization technology practice in the independent blog, you can also set a blog around a word, three labels written, the anchor text pointing technology can all practice on the blog. You can also submit a blog independent domain name to the search engine, increase the amount of blogs, and increase the weight of the site to see how much your SEO technology has reached. There is an independent blog can know a lot of friends in this area, more and more people study and learn from the successful experience of different, can also be more convenient and a lot of friends together to learn and explore network promotion experience, knowledge of SEO technology.