Fence network to complete two financing challenges business model replication problem

"without financing, we can only cover two cities at one time, after financing, it may spread to 10 cities at one time."." Shanghai fence Mdt InfoTech Ltd (liba.com, hereinafter referred to as fencing), co-founder and deputy general manager Xu Xiangtao said.

7 this month, the fence announced a $15 million investment from Sweden silver Ruida and Walden international. By the end of 2006, the fund had injected $3 million 300 thousand into it.

although the reporter was informed that two failed financing of specific transaction price, but it certainly is late to enter more than 1 years, making silver Ruida and Walden than the cost of entry into high nearly 5 times.

was founded in 2003, the company started to group purchase, since as a "Family Service (service to family)" provider, currently can provide a full range of services in three areas, car decoration, marriage for the young people in the city. "The future will also expand to the baby and property these two business segments". These plates are characterized by a large amount of consumption, "customers need guidance."".

because of its business model is difficult to copy, the fence in the future expansion will be the first to face this challenge.

later got

, "silver," from the beginning of contact with the signing agreement, almost 1 months." Xu Xiangtao says.

according to this newspaper understanding, the financing of the fence is through professional financial consultants company completed. Before the intervention, the fence was almost the same as the other two". Another fund has been demanding "whoever comes in, whatever the conditions," must be part of the vote.

silver investor is able to get later, because of its long-term investment. The PE institution, which was stripped from the bank lending division, has long held stakes in Electrolux, and Ericsson’s first batch of investors. So they see "far away"".

and the "long-term holding" investment style, but also the final choice of hedge funds. "At the time I realized that being a fund has a period of more than 10 years for some companies."." Xu Xiangtao said that in early 2006, when the fence wanted to expand, he became a fund.

, according to Xu, as early as the fence was born in 2003, and since then, the fund has been concerned about them. According to people close to the fence, the earliest entry into the country, an American VC has repeatedly touched the fence, "ten partners, nine came, the agreement has been handed over."". But the fence still hasn’t been signed. "I didn’t know how to spend the money at that time," and the other reason was that the VC was too harsh. "The price is not high," he said".

Behind the phenomenon of

, Xu Xiangtao pointed to the market". "How large is the overall market we serve, and there is no estimate at the moment."." He said, "in Shanghai, for example, only >