Do stand as to be kind to the good

a kind and willing to help others webmaster, only by peer respect, and in the industry by others talk about. A5 has become a leader in the webmaster industry. This is inseparable from the early kindness and willing to help people. Although the figure Wang was throat, but he was not depressed, the industry calls the spirit of helping others is good, which has also opened a reputation for very large webmaster forum webmaster industry. The success of A5 network culture and its website concept, inseparable, it is selfless sharing of experience, it is to peer guidance and help, so every day, several tens of thousands of people and " a visit, study and communication etc..

So is

chinaz. However, not necessarily all like A5, Chinaz and other stations so mind, the moment on the Internet is a pure tongue arrow war of words, in order to press down competitors. Light is the use of the Internet without smoke language attacks, but also by means of illegal means of invasion, such cases are common. From this point of view, although you can exclude the other side, but not necessarily how bright, may bring the other people’s condemnation and condemnation.

unfortunately, the network seems to be getting mad, and the lack of responsible webmasters abound. The most important thing is not to cherish the fruits of other people’s work, but to take it as its own, and to treat others as if they have invented it, which is abhorrent. The most prominent manifestation of the reprint of the work of others, but not to leave other people’s copyright, from the legal point of view, this is a tort. Although everybody is individual stationmaster, even grass-roots level, want to go on a lawsuit, appear to cannot go up mesa. However, learn to respect others’ results, sometimes only a little effort, not necessarily for you is a kind of hurt. Original article, for any webmaster, hard won. Be able to write a high-quality original, and can be published in the A5, Chinaz home page, you can see the article owner devoted thoughts and time, energy.

and reprint the work of others, leaving the owner’s copyright, is not only a respect, but also a kind of self behavior norms. Just think, if the Internet develops to one day, the remaining only you turn me, you copy me to copy, and the consequences only you suffer. This view is not accidental, we all know it. As a pioneer in the two days before the A published an article for the original "Wangzhuan Industry Bureau induced into the sea, do not covet" novice so rich, is related to making money online forums or blogs, nature is not a few, unfortunately I can keep the link in minority, even turn to other forums, in addition to modify the link address, the other word does not change. I believe there is a lot of resentment like me to show.

so, this bad behavior, behavior is more of a hole Yeji eat beans flavored with aniseed opinionated – this is not to steal, not to steal, I called. In the light of the current view, I see it as "in the right direction"".

do a kind of webmaster, but also to learn how to understand and help each other. Everyone knows each other, and that’s the same