3 benefits of installing SSL certificates on enterprise websites

careful Adsense may find that there are more and more websites now with HTTPS green safety lock, from the beginning of last year, even Baidu with green HTTPS safety mark. In fact, the domain name HTTP becomes HTTPS because the website has installed the SSL certificate. Many friends may ask what the SSL certificate is. And what does it do?


SSL certificate is also called HTTPS certificate. It is a kind of digital certificate (digital certificate including SSL certificate, client certificate, code signature certificate, etc.), because it is configured on the server, so it is also called the server SSL certificate. The SSL certificate is a digital certificate issued by an authoritative digital certificate authority that verifies the identity of the server following the SSL protocol.


web site to install SSL certificate, encryption protocol access the website data can be encrypted using SSL HTTPS, including the user name and password, to prevent hackers eavesdropping, theft and tampering. Common, such as banks, electricity providers and other data security requirements of the higher level of the site will install SSL certificates.

phishing phishing sites, hackers frequent attacks, these will pose a serious threat to web site data security. Therefore, in addition to the bank, electricity supplier class website to install SSL certificate, now the enterprise website installation SSL certificate is also more and more. Here comes the 3 major benefits of installing SSL certificates on enterprise websites:

1, to protect data security. The enterprise website to install SSL certificate, you can activate the SSL protocol to realize data encryption and transmission of information between the client and the server, can prevent the user privacy information such as user name, password, transaction records, residential information theft and tampering, to ensure the security of data transmission sites.

2, identifying fake websites. Since the SSL certificate can authenticate the server’s true identity, it can effectively distinguish fake phishing sites from official websites. At the same time, the enterprise website to install SSL certificate, built-in security mechanism, real-time inspection certificate, display the authentication information to the user through the browser, allowing users to easily verify the true identity of the site identification fraud, phishing and other fake websites.

3, enhance corporate image. If a SSL certificate is issued by a certificate authority issued by an enterprise website, it can not only highlight the professionalism of the website, but also enhance the credibility of the visitors. Of course, if the deployment is advanced EV SSL certificate, will show a green address bar and unit name, which tells the user visit is safe, trusted site, can greatly enhance the corporate image and credibility.

of course, safe and reliable SSL certificates need to be applied to the CA organization and issued only after a rigorous review. At present, SSL>