ZERO webmaster site how to make the right choice

for a webmaster, it is very difficult to build a website, it is difficult to maintain a website, it is more difficult to develop a website. In short, it is difficult to build a website.

for us, every web site is our painstaking effort, and it’s the result of our hard work. We write the program, the day and night to make a webpage, website promotion shelves, but also constantly, constantly updated, attract more users, retain more customers. Have to say, for us, every site is like our children, it is difficult to give up, but things can not always smooth sailing, the problem will always come unconsciously.

may, shortly after the start of the website, you will find the website program too hard to use, when the content of the website more, the program began to hold, a week to a small problem, January a big problem; perhaps, positioning site started do not push wide open to the site. Users of the site has also been a little; maybe then, website traffic is there, but no money, no one website advertising, to make ends meet. As the saying goes, the weather is unpredictable, people have good and bad fortune, built a website inevitably will encounter a variety of problems, then you have to make the right judgments, make a choice.

if your web application is difficult to use, the problems from time to time, or use up too much trouble, updated every day to spend a very long time, or the page layout is not reasonable, can not meet the demand, then I think you should be revised on the site. At this time, perhaps you will say, website revision will not let Baidu, Google does not adapt, and reduce the site’s collection or K out of your web site. Personally feel that this problem is not to consider the more, after all, included in the drop can rise, the site is K probability is low and low, as long as there is no excessive SEO, nothing. Or perhaps, you think the site re system too cumbersome, if you want to revision, it will be a complicated process, tired ah, or do not change it. If you think so, it is completely mistaken, the website program is directly related to the website development space, you want to half-dead keep your site, make your site or a rebirth! Website, many owners have encountered or will encounter problems, please don’t hesitate, as long as the correct operation, the revision will bring a rebirth to your website.

SEO re setting, this is just learning SEO webmaster friends often encounter problems, because they do not understand SEO, the website will not do website optimization, almost no from the flow of the search engine, website development is slow. Now to SEO, want some optimization of the website, but if the site was K, how to do? If you encounter this kind of situation, I support is optimized! After all for one of our webmaster, energy limited human resources, the introduction of traffic from search engines to search is too important. The engine is our source of life. Make up your mind and do it, but remember not to overdo it