A small stationmaster’s 4 year history of struggle

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, one of my stations, http://s.www.icebo.com said that the station is not very big, but it’s not too short to do the site for 4 years.

but I used to do stand without a copy at all. It’s a mess. At first, it was very popular to see personal websites, especially after seeing a beautiful girl’s personal homepage. There’s even a fantasy about her. YY, ha ha.

JAVAscript has become the first choice to do these effects, at that time, that is so drunk, every day is thinking about how to make a more dazzling effect out. But it’s really depressing. I didn’t even think about DIV or CSS at that time. Although many tricks, but after all, too single.


class later made a homepage with class, now very popular with the online forum, work, game. This website has found the atmosphere, so in their own class at the forum for a long time, send something every day. Because the beginning did not engage in real name system, I post and often change style. As far as administrators think I’m not in class, post a reward to investigate me. Want to dazzle a glorious stand out originally, but then I thought, so many people have been destroyed in the jar, if you think my bitter is not good. Or another vest is not sound of endless bad. Guess they don’t know who the mob is at that time.

‘s own class forum, mixed with meaningless, have to take care of their own web site. Buy the domain name at this time, plus a hundred M space. However, with their own things, but do not know what to do well. Just hao123 red, so set his template, put a URL site static program. Later, I felt that it was not interesting, and it should become a ASP article system. After playing for half a year, the article found that BBS was good and DVBBS, until PHPWIND was used to stabilize BBS,.

said that stability is unstable, but that it knows a lot about the code and basically solves some program problems. Also mature a few, no longer change a website today, so tomorrow change so. In fact, look at the history of the page, found that its revision reached more than 20 times. Halo. So when the BBS is actually doing with another partner, if a person I know I will not change it, ha ha! At the time when the highest more than 10000 day flow. Put Taobao made, was also planning to buy Taiwan said their servers, but the good times don’t last long. During our summer vacation, the service provider stopped our website, and it was not convenient for us to use the internet. Negotiations for a long time, and found that it was a user sent a "what national people laid off" a QQ scripts triggered. This kind of thing can’t be counted in other forums at all, but the small server actually shut it off. Then Shen >