The website can also be profitable like this

when the Internet bubble economy booming, personal website advertising fees earned amazing, making web site advertising costs has become a lot of people’s choice. But with the Nasdaq’s whereabouts, advertisers retreat, relying solely on advertising has not earn money. So many personal webmaster or choose to give up, or start all over again. Qiongzesibian

is an old fat worms, as early as 1998 in the unit on the net. By 1999, he had made a music website himself. This music website has a certain characteristic, after a few months of accumulation, fat website daily traffic has exceeded 20 thousand people. At that time, when the Internet economy was booming, fat made ads on their websites, not only to earn RMB, but also to earn US dollars when the harvest was good. Then introduced by friends, fat and in a web site to do part-time web production division, monthly income is not bad.


accompanied by a collapse in the NASDAQ index, but the advertising at no confidence. Slowly, the advertising revenue of fat websites is getting less and less. Although later NetEase and TOM have launched SMS agents, fat also tried to make money to make SMS, but these income for fat can only be regarded as tasteless. The site visits 2-3 people per day, which makes it difficult for the server to accept it, and the server also rents the database. It needs a lot of cost in a year,


is a house leak, even night rain, then the fat part-time that site also suddenly made institutional adjustments, fat in the blink of an eye lost the part-time job. In the face of his hard built web site, fat was lost in thought. After all, a few years of their own efforts, ah, it is a pity to give up at once, but their energy in such a "no harvest" of the labor is also boring. Finally, the fat decided to change the site into a BBS, so that users themselves to communicate well.

after the network into the pragmatic era, and how to make money? Fat began to ask themselves.

point of view: when it comes to making money online, the first thing many netizens think of is website advertising. In fact, this view is very narrow. Too rampant website advertising can only be a beautiful bubble, no matter how beautiful it was, it will eventually burst. The Internet is diverse, and the opportunities she has to make money are also rich and colorful. You can see your eyes wide out of the narrow circle of thought.

dense willow trees and bright flowers

one day, fat idle, nothing to do, picked up a sister’s magazine read. Look, look, fat found that this magazine is basically advertising, such as the introduction of some bars in Beijing, some fashionable clothes and the like. This kind of pure consumption magazine actually also some people look at that time in the fat looks, this simply is spends money buys the advertisement!


fat in the local have many net friends, but also often and these net friend go out together. One day a friend accidentally came out of an idea, if there is a local website to tell us where these people better.