Seven words Secret workshop network operators can not change the future wealth of fantasy

on the plant network, I feel very ashamed, because sharing some experience, make the plant net this upsurge seems to have subsided to mean, but there are more people to devote to this project, I think I have some personal reasons, but the intention is pure experience sharing, never not in the article have been tempting to guide you to do this project, you can go to my room to look at the web, an article is to share an experience theme. I personally do not have to write an article done business program, swear not by the soft sell a set of procedures, but many people do not know where to buy the program, and then run the arrival of experience exchange with me is also discouraging operation, I was going to do this a few friends. I am Weifang plant network chief Malone dragon, also follow the trend of the plant network, recently there are people to do Links with me, I think it is sad to have some past hope webmaster, just think about the money point.

share the premise that you have to think about the factory building site to prevent more webmaster from making the necessary money and energy, and the happiness that should not be lost in your life.

does the blind end of the workshop network:

1, some owners buy other people’s factory site, a few months after their turn off, the specific reason is unknown.

2, some owners bought the program website made by SEO, ranking first in the country, is a big city, but also wrote at the words, not a few days also put up the shutters, who bought who is a fool, the 20 thousand bid, more halo.

3, and some sites are quite innovative, but also home to do some work, it seems that students do, more than 1 months after the site can not afford to open, space providers to shut, and now there is no following.

4, and the plant site also has sent messages, but the effect of location of the root is not open, is only a website, did not do any publicity, always stay in the negative earnings, is still in the depressed, owners are not seriously, don’t expect others to buy your account.

5, there are friends to listen to someone’s boast, known as less than a month earned much, the source of net of workshop of Taizhou plant network is a few months only profitable, he also dare to play less than 1 months, but some people really spend to buy the program, do the site more, sad is already a lot of similar local website, he also do, ranking in the second page, no point, one blow, someone really fooled, really do not know how such a person to say hello to buy lessons now may also pleased, you are as if wakening from a dream.

6, some webmaster communicate with me personally, I have repeatedly discouraged, don’t do, but still do, and later also regret doing.

7, as well as the city rankings in 50 after many cities have been out of the factory network, usually hang a web site, and then there is no movement, the top of the wide