Compare ten excellent website navigation stations

after careful screening and comparison, we sort out the current Internet users are more interested in the ten excellent site navigation, for comparison.

The first

hao123 home site, which is a powerhouse, hero bujiandangnian;


265 Internet navigation, which is also the powerhouse, hero bujiandangnian;

300th degrees web site Daquan, this is Baidu’s own web site, the effect and good 123 is not a grade, but still by Internet users like;

fourth, YAHOO web site Daquan, this is YAHOO’s Web site, and as good as 123 and 265, can not be mentioned in the same breath, but still respected by users;

fifth this is Sogou Sogou web site navigation web site, consistent with Baidu launched YAHOO, such as two point;

sixth, QQ web site Daquan, QQ also launched its own navigation station, so this will produce, you can also;

seventh love 123 site,, from either comfort or from leisure, in terms of satisfaction or from entertainment, love is on the list of 123, representing the new power, webmaster worth millions, a master’s degree, has many incomparable advantage;

eighth good-looking 123 web site Daquan, has been 114 of the acquisition, it is said to be veteran site station;

ninth, 114,

, from the domain name level, this station is only three level, but from the flow to see her belong to the first-class level, comprehensive comparison, naturally have to rely on after;

tenth, 9991 web site Daquan, this station is the site of the station, but also can be said to have sold 800 thousand;

eleventh, 2345,

, 9991,

twelfth, 5566 site navigation, old site station, domain name if I score, belong to the three stream, but from the flow point of view, there is still a bit coveted place.

above, finishing 12 web station, 2 is repeated, so the actual is ten, comparison for friends reference, are more successful webmaster or more successful website, hope is something new.