Site optimization select the correct domain name to start


one, the best domain name is not necessarily the most expensive. Many novice webmaster blind pursuit of short domain name, domain name is Larry, the domain name, but for the novice webmaster is too expensive, will consume a large part of your valuable capital. I think the choice of domain names for novices, the best domain name does not have to choose the most expensive.

two, for user experience, search engine domain name of the correct selection method. The search engine is influential in the domestic Sohu, Baidu, SOSO, Sogou etc are also Chinese main content search search engine, then selects the keyword Pinyin combination is a good way, of course, is certainly the best Larry domain, not only to the search engine friendly, but also conducive to the memory, but Larry the domain name, especially just you and the website domain name is the same as Larry com meaning is too expensive, the cheapest is generally better than thousands. So, how do you choose the same Pinyin domain name that is cheap and the same as the web site?

1) com at the end of the same site and keyword meaning spelling domain name, international domain name com itself is very friendly to the search engine, its meaning and the same website keyword to the search engine is very friendly. A successful personal domain name:[joke Forum] the domain name I spent dozens of pieces of the registration fee, do stand for half a year, and now has about ip5000, more than half of the search engine, background analysis, accounting for flow, directly enter the domain name 1/3.

2) non mainstream coccygeal vertebra Larry domain, now more commonly used are net, CC, so etc., in these non mainstream tail domain names, not registered Larry domain more, to find the same meaning and your website keyword Pinyin domain name, is relatively easy, even if the purchase is robbed note, cheaper, Chinese of search engine is also very friendly, but also very conducive to users of the memory. I see a very successful CC domain name is the Hefei forum, everyone Baidu know how successful it is.

3) if you are a local portal, another choice is the mainstream coccygeal vertebra of the domain name, now a lot of tail are not registered, the year before I can easily be registered to (Sichuan Province, Yibin City area code), but he did not suffer experience and capital industrial operation just. But I believe its prospects are very good, in the first half of this year, someone has given me 6000 yuan to acquire this domain name, and I haven’t invested more than 500 in this domain name. I said this word did not hype the meaning of the domain name, I want to say is that such domain name, if with certain ideas and funds, it is easy to operate.

three, domain name is very important, website core competition ability is more important.

1) competition in the form of expression, you can imagine, the same content, the same procedure, how do you give a powerful opponent group?