5 major details that are easily overlooked in website maintenance

outside the chain construction, soft Wen release, Friendship Exchange, keyword mining and optimization and other web site optimization knowledge, everyone is quite familiar with, but other details of the site should also pay attention to. One word, the details determine success or failure. Here are some details that need to be paid attention to during the website maintenance process:

1, build 404 page,

many people will ignore this problem, often give your website unnecessary losses. Some people think that as long as detected by chain detection tool, it would happen, but you can not guarantee that always can detect the chain, and once the chain, you’re not in time, will bring the negative influence to the website. First of all, the search engines crawl across chain, unable to continue in-depth search, not only reduces the amount collected, and a search engine that will not be friendly to the website, the death of many, but also reduce the weight of the site. When users browse the site chain, will reduce the user browsing interest on the site, that site is not professional, lack of authority, the loss of the user. On the contrary, a good 404 page, not only conducive to the optimization of the site, but also enhance the professional and authoritative website, enhance user experience.

2, do SEO, also do UE

web site not only do SEO, but also to do user experience (UE). Imagine, if you are a user, through the search engine rankings came to a good site, but the site of the interface, architecture is a mess, I feel like a unattended garbage station, you will continue to browse the website? Function is to display content, products to the user, if the user entered the website to go the website, still use it. The web page is not to say how beautiful, impressive, but to be clean, even if the interface is simple, but also have a simple but not simple feeling. The structure of the website to arrange, don’t wish to all go home plug, then the interested and wonderful content recommended to the home page, such as setting the recommended articles, home page top. Article structure to be reasonable, to proper segmentation, not an article on the three paragraph, will make people feel monotonous; pictures and illustrations will give you extra points.

3, check the website log regularly,

as a website administrator, you should develop the habit of checking your website log. If you don’t, you are not a qualified web administrator. Through the website log, we can understand the problem of the website. View the site log, we can see what search engine access websites and access which pages, often visit the page, this information for us to further improve the website is very important. In addition, we can also understand whether the site has failed, whether it has been invaded, although this is the responsibility of space providers, but the site is yours, must be observed to be resolved. The most important is the web log, we can know that whether the data acquisition software in the acquisition of the site, the site is hotlinked. Now collection, reproduced popular, especially after the acquisition of software is better, do not write their own hard original article, and finally