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source: Beijing Yuyuexinbao Author: Ren Hong

? The contract says that each click starts at $0.3

if someone says the sky can not fall pie, who believe, but for China Internet at present, but many people believe what can fall, because the Internet is now in the "free lunch" than is. From the beginning of the classover to send a registered Sohu to send Apple pretty much ice cream, from the 8d8d to send mobile phone to send the car from Albemarle, Easy Access free "Southern Tour" to Ctrip supermodel together, from a A to the dark horse investment winner quiz quiz, each big website to attract attention is The Eight Immortals Crossing the Sea Gexianshentong. Although the purpose of various awards activities, in the final analysis, is nothing more than propaganda sites, attract attention, but all kinds of activities, whether it is the mode of operation or the effect of activities are very different. The author divides them into six categories, respectively.

, a type of curry favour by claptrap

"sound bites" that cause people’s attention, "drama" is a public uproar, which become the object of public favorite. This type of award activity is the largest and most easily copied of all activities, and also the lowest level. Type of curry favour by claptrap prize to a large number of activities, too numerous to mention it or to create new styles, creative win, such as classover send apple, or to attract users to a large amount of prizes such as the eyes, Albemarle to cars, ChinaRen award house etc.. For Internet users, participating in such activities as long as there is enthusiasm, you do not need too much technology. Because of the simplicity and ease of operation of such activities, it is easier to attract Internet users. It is said that in the classover Apple delivery campaign, a student Internet users at most received a basket of apples. However, people who participate in such activities are generally registered for activities only, and it is not necessary to return to this website as soon as the event is over. Therefore, in addition to raising awareness and the number of registered users with water, the website hosting this type of activity will not be as good as the publicity. In particular, the second programmes, due to unfair competition factors, tend to fall into the air and attract complaints from Internet users. For example, the ChinaRen prize house activities once because of violation of the "Anti Unfair Competition Law" and the business sector has been ordered to stop, as it is create a great sensation of events, the organizers expected.

two, type of fishing.

is long term fishing, bait, which is a method used by most forum. Websites hosting such campaigns tend to lure users to their websites for a bit of incremental benefits. This type of activity is the most commonly used to score the winner of the Internet users, such as investment in building the best in all the land through the jifenzhi to each post in the forums, netizens scoring, according to how many points will be divided into users, guests and patrons of VIP levels, and different levels of users can enjoy various services website. This method takes advantage of people’s psychological characteristics and attracts Internet users for a long time

? 2, when I submit a keyword on sh419 website, but found that sh419 Inc unilaterally raise the registered keywords, bidding price, different keyword prices are not the same." Zhang Xinwei said that some of the key words he planned to register increased.

bidding adjustment costs increased by about 50%

"to do business, the key is to allow customers to find you, in this regard, lawyer Zhang Xinwei found sh419 Online Network Technology Beijing Co. Ltd., signed a contract bidding, hoping to promote the network through the company’s search engine. Unexpectedly, in May 31st just signed the contract, in June 1st, sh419 Inc adjusted the relevant prices. In June 12th, sh419 believes that Zhang Xinwei will default sh419 Inc sued the Haidian court, requesting the court to order according to the contract price bidding starts at sh419 0.3 yuan to fulfill the contract.

? According to Zhang Xinwei introduced in May 31st this year, he and sh419 Online Network Technology Beijing Co., Ltd. signed a "sh419 bidding contract", the contract agreed: Zhang Xinwei sh419 Inc to pay the full promotion fee of 1999 yuan, using the company’s search engine to promote the network, the sh419 Inc promised promotion fee payment number according to the keyword click. The reporter saw from Zhang Xinwei’s offer, third fourth of the contract agreed: "Party B each click of a netizen search results Zhang submitted keywords information, the system automatically deducted from a prepaid expenses from Party B click ‘sh419 PPC’ promotional fees, the price per click price 0.3 to 1 yuan, divided into bidding units, no limit."

? Zhang Xinwei used his user name login sh419 PPC customer management system, the reporter saw, to "contract signing" the key word for

? Zhang Xinwei said, according to the contract, keyword bidding price from the search results must be the lowest quotation, otherwise you can’t participate in bidding. "Such as the words" litigation "was in the lowest bidding price of the home is only 0.94 yuan, but now the lowest bidding price has reached 1.26 yuan, if less than this price, can not participate in the auction."

bidding storm customer

?? Zhang said, his rough estimate, the minimum bid prices, he registered the keyword "litigation" costs increased by about 50%, and had expected the daily cost of 100 yuan, 50 yuan spent more in the invisible. And if you want to continue bidding, you can only follow the rules set by the sh419 Inc.

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