Open a Taobao shop you can easily make money onlineDiscouraging mistress company to hang three new

‘s so profitable business has made this kind of business flourish all over the country.

business is good, but the listing is blocked. In February 27th, the company applied for listing of the National SME stock transfer system commonly known as the "new three board", but the new three board around the company’s existence of infringement, legal compliance management, raised 18 questions. As of May 19th, the new three board released its third feedback on the company, still questioning the compliance of its business. But founder comfortable, the company listed confidence.

opens shop actually not difficult, because Taobao shop provides ready-made shop templates, even if not able to operate computer friends, study one or two days, basically can be competent for the day-to-day management of the store maintenance work. Open shop is really difficult to supply and sales problems, these two problems solved, then you can easily make money online. Well, the author today with you simple talk about supply and sale of these two online shop to make money encountered key issues.

above, two points is the author in Taobao shop for supply and sale of some experience, in the end of the article, I want to focus on with you recommend A5 original contribution function. Before, the author is doing a lot of friends, as well, every day on the website maintenance work is pseudo original + the chain, but since joining the A5 contribution exchange group, in some groups of Friends >

choice of first sourcing

more than 70% gross margin "" mistress "business in the end is how to operate? If by discouraging business can live very well, in repeated questioning of the case, what is the Weiqing company listed on the new board to

dimensional feeling company on the 17 February three new board listing application, according to the "public transfer instructions", its main business is to provide consulting service for visitors in the aspects of marriage and family, one of the "service" is interpreted as "mistress in discouraging Weiqing company official website".

in the actual "mistress" discouraging operation, Weiqing company usually dispatched a team, they play different roles in the "mistress" of life, through a variety of ways "mistress"".

a single "mistress" discouraging contract low income high up to tens of thousands, millions of. According to the second feedback reply shows that the company’s 2016 annual revenue reached 20 million 530 thousand yuan, the gross profit margin of more than 70%, of which 5 customers for the dimensional company contributed 3 million 600 thousand yuan of income.


Weiqing company in 2016 customer service, from the public transfer statement.

up to 70% gross margin discouraging business in the end is what? In front of the moral question as everyone knows, why Weiqing listed companies on to


online shop is the first to solve the supply problem, the dawn of advice is that if you have a good supply they have stores or at home can get near some of the wholesale market of good quality and low price products you will be able to use these products to take photos, write the introduction of Online selling. Of course, such a good source of goods is a small number of groups, most of the friends are not so good source of goods, then what should we do? In fact, it is also very simple. Friends in the online shop is a large part to do part-time shop, and will not devote to it, so for this part of friends, my advice is to apply some of the items in the consignment consignment of Taobao center, it not only can save the purchase cost, the most important thing is to avoid the risk of the stockpile, can be said to sell is a popular online mode is practical.

Shanghai Weiqing network Polytron Technologies Inc hereinafter referred to as "sympathy" website, the company is good at discouraging various types of third, discouraging a maximum can earn 1 million 410 thousand yuan. Relying on the "advised small three" business, the company’s chief expert fees reached 3000 yuan per hour, the company’s revenue in 2016 over 20 million yuan.

All kinds of

second products

"" mistress ", the company cited the sympathy empathy therapy, interventional therapy, shift therapy, aversion therapy in the way of public transfer instructions, and develop different tactics according to different" mistress ". The founder of Shuxin said that after 15 years of exploration, "sympathy" is now up more than 30 mistress discouraging, enough to unlock the emotional entanglements of every hue.

with "discouraging mistress" business to the annual income of millions, rushed to the new board.


gold suck business,

has chosen what is best for us, so we’re going to start working out how to sell things. In fact, Taobao in this regard, for us to do really more. Speaking of Taobao, as we all know, yes, our sales way is our products to Taobao customer alliance, Taobao for many guests to help us promote the sales of products, we give Taobao the guests of the corresponding commission. This will solve our own promotion, sales links, we have to do only a lot of supply can be, because sales promotion, there are special people doing.

Sales of >

with the rapid development of e-commerce, the intention to open a web of their own online shop friends are more and more. Online shopping groups are still concentrated in the 80, 90 age layer. The young people of this age group have basically online shopping experience, and they are interested in making money online, so some of them learn to set up shop every day. But the shop on the Internet for them is still very strange, for the shop location, choice of supply are confused, some skills today I will talk about the Taobao shop to do wangzhuan.