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recently, the Ministry of Education issued a notice to allow students to drop out of school. As for how to view college students dropping out of school, starting their own business and starting a business in school, Liu Chuanzhi admits that he is now very different from what he was before.

data shows, Ke Bocheng, Ke Boliu two brothers TEDA new material actual control, before IPO, two of the proportion of shares held by the company from the end of 2015 increased to 50.70% before the suspension of 54.37%, total holdings of about 1 million 600 thousand shares. Among them, Ke Bocheng in this wave of rising prices in the total holdings of 32 thousand shares, accounting for about 7% of the total turnover, is one of the main driving force of this wave of rise.

"a few years ago, I wanted to start college students carefully.". Today, I encourage students to entrepreneurship, you can have the guts, because the mobile Internet, the emergence of new situations, many young people in Chinese characters also wrote a bad time, computer has been playing badly, make some fantastic things with the method we can not imagine, but conform to the trend of young people, even to do not good, also won’t have what price." Liu Chuanzhi said: "now some young people from the age of 14th Five-Year began to start business, do better than you do, and you do not understand."".

new material was established in November 22, 1999, mainly engaged in heavy aromatics oxidation products research, development, manufacturing, sales and import and export trade, the main products for partial benzene three anhydride TMA, is currently the minority to industrialized production of all three formic acid enterprises. The company since January 4, 2014 listed new three board, and in February 16, 2016 to make market making transfer until its queuing IPO.

in addition, in the 2016 annual report, an individual investor named Zhang Jifang appeared in front of the company

in Liu Chuanzhi’s view, the Internet era is still sprinting, the country has hundreds of thousands of industries, from the impact of the mobile Internet or fast or slow, but finally inevitable. The pace of Lenovo must keep up, otherwise, a year and a half will be a big problem. However, due to the different age of the customer, the adjustment time will be different.

It is noted that

Legend Holdings chairman Liu Chuanzhi


August 15th, TEDA new material held a shareholders’ meeting on the bill listed on the gem, then a get out of hand, the company’s share price from 6.44 yuan soared to 19.10 yuan, less than a month the price doubled 3 times.



according to rhino Jun incomplete statistics, in TEDA new material before the suspension, the 142 stamp collection party has average floating surplus more than 1 times.

according to the prospectus shows that before the listing of new three board, the number of shareholders of the company is 9. In the last year before the suspension of the declaration of IPO, the number of shareholders of the company has risen to 171, which means that the company listed on the new board after a total increase of 162 shareholders, including 142 outside shareholders is the entry into the listing counseling.

since 2016 August, as IPO expected to approach, TEDA new material began to be sought after by the new three board philately party.

TechWeb reports December 16th news, when it comes to entrepreneurship and innovation, Legend Holdings chairman Liu Chuanzhi admitted that his views changed, "as long as there is courage, you can."". Entrepreneurship for young people, Liu Chuanzhi is only a little exhortations: don’t take parents’ pensions into the toss.

142 philatelic party hopes to fail

Liu Chuanzhi pointed out that the practice has proved that the mobile Internet industry in the central field, the sooner the better the input. Lenovo investment summary experience is, "things first", artificial heavy". However, when investing in the early stage of the Internet, there is no way to "artificially" heavy". "For example, unfamiliar street looking for a girlfriend, such a company will soon develop, and listed, like me people, how can you imagine, but they made it."." Zhou Xiaobai

today, the SFC gem trial session will be held on 2017 sixty-second meeting, which, from the new three board of new material starter was no, and become the second new board history will be no enterprise.

TEDA new materials, was established only 2 months with a registered capital of about 8 million. Moreover, for TEDA new material 10 million of the transferee price, the company also only disclosed 500 thousand of the cash registered capital in place, and the other 9 million 500 thousand went where, the company did not mention anything.

new material although gem landing failed, but the company since September 30, 2016 officially ended today for the first time on the IPO line, will only take 10 months time, this year also set a new board of enterprise IPO queuing time record.

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