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content: Pingxiang, Jiangxi province local friends

Hello, meet again, I win in the starting point, 752342 forum ID: credibility is the hard truth!

fascinating, that’s all in the beginning. Why didn’t you say it’s the content of the article? Because I think it’s a good idea whether the reader is in the mood or not. Many articles are a forum is the picture, this is absolutely not desirable, some wonderful pictures in front of the Madden words can make people understand what you want to say, wonderful text can let the reader interested to see you the following. If the beginning of the plain, then the following God horse is floating clouds.

station on the local community, group 51, group 51 groups of friends, high popularity, so it is very easy to help us fight the ad

today to tell you the local dating station earning 2W simple method.

kill trick two: Madden beginning

spending: entertainment, open box consumption, about 1500-3000, no transportation expenses local businessmen sponsored.

our school to learn writing, the teacher often told us that crested leopard tail, the tail can write a powerful and energetic. Don’t underestimate the end of the article, your post is read, certainly hope that readers can "prove" right! Article content again, if the end is not good, so.

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then help the sponsored businesses advertise, so that businesses in our limitations to be certain promotion.


now says taobao difficult, Taobao rules changed to small sellers is bad, in a sense, taobao new rules to do small sellers, especially new sellers, is a big shock, difficult to do does not mean that there is no prospect, you just need to pay more. Understand the operation of the road more, if you want to optimize the optimized time shelves of goods and commodities and the title already small stores, now in taobao is basically impossible, then how to do, learning, learning the master of business management, which is a very good way is that the promotion of soft

clothing Revenue: membership of 1100 people, a member of July when clothing is made in Zhuzhou, beautiful appearance, custom price: 3 yuan / piece actual membership price: 25 yuan / piece of each profit excluding transportation fee: about 20 yuan / piece

kill one trick, attractive Title

Conclusion: the

said the promotion of soft paper, the method is from the website promotion, website promotion of soft paper is a very good way to promote, now caught in the survival of taobao novice sellers, to some extent, this has become inevitable! Unless you shop just for fun, that a good soft promotion how to write it good? How to play a good effect?

wear clothes with our logo when organizing events around the country

actual revenue per activity: minimum activity 50 per person, charge 50 yuan per person, calculate =2500RMB merchant sponsorship amount for each activity: 2000-5000.

more than 400 actual clothing sales, profit of about 8000 yuan.

, for example, you want to write an article about weight loss, 1., I lost 28 pounds in two months; 2., I succeeded in weight loss method 3., a successful weight loss MM weight loss Bible: 2 months to lose 28 pounds. Obviously, the third titles are more attractive. The first two are free, not too attractive, while the third is a kind of let people want to know how this is done, it reached the goal.

conducts the appraisal: each kind of appraisal activity, the successful example: Pingxiang makes friends, the first popular baby selection activity field scene more than 200 people

friends at first, just do group for local drink playing friends, then whim, to form a website, so do, membership after 4 months of development has reached more than 1000 people, is organized in the form of a forum, the group more than 20, each group is almost full. Forum real registered members more than 1100.

organizational activities: multi project organizations active members gathering each time about a few dozen – more than 100 people, each receive 50-100RMB of funds, each invested about 3500–8000 + businesses support thousands of.

psychological profit: because they are local members, seize the business, love to show off the strength, face saving psychological characteristics, quickly obtain sponsorship

profit model: organizing activities, selling membership clothing, holding various selection activities, sponsored by local businessmen,

successfully win business sponsorship of about 10000RMB Figure 1. to seize the psychological characteristics of businesses face, love show a strength of 2. to business advertising effect appropriate for him to stop sponsoring 3. in each of the activities to the members of the positive comments exaggerate business

kill three: a resonant ending

has a soft Wen expert once said, can play a good title, indicating that this soft Wen has been half done. This is a creative title is very important, if an article should you spend an hour to create, then the title you spend half an hour or an hour, or even half a day are worth it, enough to attract people to click on the title, if no one click, how is that possible know you wrote a good article, write a