The net business treasure together sh419 launched the business advertising allianceNew breakthrough

‘s blog shopping is to maximize the benefits of blogging. Based on this, the blog shopping launched the "shopping n, Russia cash back" function, users from here to more than 30 well-known shopping sites shopping, can get the highest 25% cash refund. Specifically, as a blog, no matter in Dangdang or excellence, as long as bokee users, in addition to enjoy their original preferential site, you can also enjoy bokee 520% about cash return. True left hand spending money, the right hand to make money.

Fang Xingdong introduced, this model has actually been popular in foreign countries, some larger sites, the monthly return to the user’s cash more than one million U.S. dollars. However, there are only a few small personal websites in China trying to use it. Because of the problem of trust, few users dare to use it. As the most famous website of bokee launched Shopping for Refund service, can greatly eliminate the concerns of users, do not need to worry about problems in the cash back ratio and cash payment links, can rest assured that the use of bold. As the number of users in the blog network is very large, the partners are willing to provide a higher commission ratio, thus allowing users to get more benefits.

in fact, shopping for cash back in the traditional sales field has become a very common means of promotion. But where does cash come from when it comes to blogging? Bokee is of course not only for others to do the wedding dress. The reason is very simple, the user enters the shopping website through the blog net, the shopping net can obtain certain proportion Commission, this part of commission pays the user by the blog net again, has formed a benign cycle. Shopping website, bokee, you win three. "To maximize the benefits of blogs and websites to benefit, this is the fundamental way out for blogging."." Blog network CEO Fang Xingdong said.

The core feature of

industry analysts pointed out that in 2006 the country’s various types of "advertising union" there are about 500, the competition is very fierce. At present, the sh419 alliance theme promotion business and shlf1314 Adsense are fully competing for the domestic advertising alliance market. In this market environment, Hi2000 together with sh419 to build "business advertising alliance" is clearly on both sides is very favorable, hand in the incubation period of the "business advertising alliance" to sh419 heavyweight partners for the development of speed, on the other hand, sh419 is also unable to ignore this huge industry website advertising position.

      recently, the first domestic Internet stock Hi2000 announced the signing of a cooperation agreement with sh419 officially launched the business, advertising alliance, sh419 will through this alliance platform advertising coverage to the industry website, on the other two sides are still Internet technology exchanges and sharing of brand, and to reach a consensus. Hi2000 and sh419 of the two top domestic Internet companies cooperate in the "advertising" market, what impact will the domestic Internet market, caused widespread speculation the industry.

July 6, 2007, Hi2000 "business" to China chemical network, announced to Chinese textile network, Chinese clothing network, agriculture net, China in plastic and other domestic online 1000 industry website, together to create industry website "business advertising alliance" based on this initiative will present the increasingly intense competition in the "advertising" the market once again pushed in the teeth of the storm. The Hi2000 and sh419 together, undoubtedly in the advertising alliance market dropped a bombshell.

experts said, Hi2000 cooperation with sh419, is the largest domestic industry e-commerce enterprises with the largest Chinese search engine has a complementary cooperation between very much in resource sharing and integration development. The initial cooperation between the two sides, with the "business advertising alliance" as the breakthrough point, shows a specialized "advertising alliance"

for the majority of Internet users, the birth of blog shopping also makes the blog is no longer a simple self entertainment, but not the privacy of the stars boring speculation, but a new way of life.

it is understood that, sh419 is the world’s largest Chinese search engine, in January 2000 by Robin Li and others founded in Beijing, Zhongguancun, in August 2005, listed on the nasdaq. sh419 takes the lead in Chinese search engine, and supports search for 800 million Chinese web pages. It is a strong brand in the field of search engines. Hi2000 is the first in the domestic A shares listed on the pure Internet companies, owns the largest web cluster industry, is the industry leader in website. Hi2000 proposed "small portal + union" model has many industry website support, and as a basis for the establishment of a "union website – business treasure". Hi2000 chairman Sun Deliang said, Hi2000 and sh419 has the characteristics of complementary advantages in the advertising market, to seek common development to achieve a win-win situation, the cooperation has just started, although the short term will not have a significant boost to the performance of the company, but in the future, deep potential for large.

last year, bokee launched the "golden blog", blog opened up a new profit pattern, now the "shopping blog" is "a new business blog for gold", it has greatly enriched the "blog gold content". You can imagine, blog network will continue to walk in the forefront of the domestic WEB2.0 road exploration.

recently, blog blog shopping channel will be formally launched. Blog shopping brings together dozens of mainstream e-commerce websites in China, covering all aspects of the goods, called the most broad spectrum, the most comprehensive, most comprehensive online shopping first stop. "Online shopping, since the start of the blog", this new mode of online shopping experience while shopping blog to find everything fresh and new a new breakthrough, it may also blog profit model.