Taobao guest shop promotion chain jump S8 code depth analysisOld stationmaster give 09 years station

four is sticking to it. Do what you insist. I believe you have heard the story of wells. Want to be a successful site, not one or two days to complete, so the webmaster should have a successful faith, don’t throw, don’t give up. Believe that you will make progress one day.

since ancient times, every social system reform represents a class of interest, and the corresponding economic system. Now, in twenty-first Century, the rise of various industries, and industrial policies and measures will have their corresponding starting point of interest.

benefits starting point two:

no doubt it’s a pretty good strategy. You sh419 shielding Taobao, and can not shield our two domain name, as long as there are users, natural sh419 can do nothing about it. You know, it is because of sh419’s support for Taobao is not good, it gives us a lot can be optimized if sh419 keyword, learning GG, a large number of guest will collapse.



promotion page, right and the bottom of the big picture straight through advertising. This layout is perfectly consistent with the general way of placing the best ads, with a large middle of the small icon to foil the right and the bottom

network bandwidth equipment prices, the rapid development of China’s Internet users, the number has reached 221 million, ranked first in the world, more and more enterprises and individuals are added to the Internet this colorful world, created a myth. Especially touch sensitive young people, the establishment of Web sites has become their favorite. And plus the year before last year, CN domain name registration is only a dollar, so China’s personal website flying everywhere. According to statistics by the relevant departments, the number of Chinese personal websites has exceeded 30 million, becoming an important pillar of China’s Internet development. But many webmaster are blindly follow the trend, do not know what you can, see what others say stand, with copy, and so on. I have been involved in the network for several years, and now the network market is more optimistic, in order to prevent new owners do not take detours, mention the following suggestions:

two, site positioning. Site positioning is the soul of the webmaster. Site positioning is as important as enterprise strategy, and good positioning is half the success of the site. Site positioning is what your website wants to play on the Internet, and why the crowd provides service through the web site. Now do not dump the times, now the various sectors of the site, have to make a lot of money, no matter how small or large industry is the key industry! You should see your service needs of people, and you do the field do fine, do fine.

above is nonsense, just tell you, each amendment will not just for stability, for all of you absurd reasons, must have a fixed starting point of interest. For this shop jump to S8 changes, where is the point of interest? Let me tell you slowly. unfortunately, first, if the amendment is finalized, there is not any advantage to the Taobao customers,

five, network connections. I believe it is impossible for a man to live on his own good fortune. You have to depend on your friends, family, classmates, etc.. After all, people are not omnipotent, many friends, a number of road, usually do not always lower the head to do the station, to arrange some time, and more communication with the surrounding station, and sometimes in the exchange, but also to understand a lot of good ideas.

benefits starting point four:


three, the classification of website column. The classification of the website column is also very important. Only when the column is more clear and clear, you can find what you need faster when you are standing. At that time, if the individual recommendation column can be more detailed, it is more convenient for users to find content.

navigation bar above the more visible above, many columns represent the interests of taobao. That as long as the flow in, any benefits are all taobao, without the slightest relationship with tao. Of course, those columns are clearly visible in Taobao’s two level domain name, which is Taobao for its value mining performance, with the help of Amoy power to develop their own, this method is really vast.

With the popularity of

benefits starting point 1:

stores the navigation bar, shop navigation bar on the home page has become a seller some time ago Taobao open two registered domain names, such as what are the benefits? Since it is two level domain name, then there will be good for the domain name, this part is mainly for the engine. The following will make clear.

interests three: This is where the first second points of the principle, we have found the code to jump to S8? Yes, this is very important, we want to know the original sh419 shop link is ignored, there will not be any included, and now jump to S8, GG and sh419 will be included. If included, means that a large number of Taobao two level domain name has been displayed in front of the spider, which included two level domain name page, as we all know, included two level domain name is very simple, and included two level domain name at the end of the right to the domain name to Taobao network.

six, learning! Times are constantly improving, especially in the Internet era, changing very fast. If the times change, and you are still using your old methods, I believe you can succeed

, you need to know your weight. It’s about seeing what you have, what you have, and all of your resources. What ability to do what the ability of the site, what resources do about what resources of the site. Don’t follow others too blind, some people stand, business success, the station code for you, you can not succeed! Remember not to follow suit! There must be according to their own resources to decide direction.