Leave Ali mom where will goSuper income white collar mobile phone film business earning a relaxe

with the site traffic increase, often see their advertising revenue, my website science education network www.xuegle wave on the line less than a year, the highest IP every day is more than 3000, recently is around 1000, while the highest income is 4 yuan, now every day is 1 yuan. 1000IP=1 yuan, the ratio of garbage flows is still low, we lack this element? We do propaganda but also for mom? But also for the Ali Mama advertisers show free? This problem has troubled me for a long time, today raised hope to discuss with everyone.

now, smartphones are almost staffed and used very often. You see, those who are waiting for the bus are playing with their cell phones, and even playing mobile phones while walking. Many office workers go to work and sleep, almost all of them are used for playing mobile phones. A mobile phone is like a pet that goes with the shadow. Many people continue to play mobile phones, mobile phone film to be replaced two or three times a year, especially girls, nail length, and use more, mobile phone film worse, so that this market is very large.

in the mom on the line soon, my site is on the line, also registered the Ali Mama member, adding the Ali Mama advertising code for the beginning of the site, traffic is not large, will not let it go, not too long, mother appeared big buyers, patronize me, bought on Monday I a yuan of money, was very happy, feel that their website has been recognized, Ali mother began to pay attention to.

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"there are only moms in the world." "when mom can’t rely on us, we have to make our own efforts. No one can do it these days. Can advertising support itself?"

I had a friend part-time to do this, and are organized together, then each shipment, a car around, choose someone more intersection or subway in these places can be done, mobile phone film profits are high, sometimes they do put down money wages higher than the film.

this mobile phone film stand for more than three years, and do this business is very simple, a person, a table, a computer on it. Simple but is not no money, the news had reported that the mobile phone film made stall than those who do take the white-collar, thousand easily.

if you leave mom, I’ll try my best to study my website and find the right profit point for my website. No traffic, rely on advertising to make money, that is, the Arabian nights. And my website traffic is not very high, so I have to consider my site traffic conversion rate. Or in my website for example: in the middle of a web page to a location on the ads themselves, advertising content is "wave of Education Network – free tutoring, free tutoring" so few words, every day there are many visitors by or phone consultation, but also have a number of members registered.

I want to change on the stand because I feel I’m not very satisfied with it. I posted two patches and posted them several times before I succeeded. In addition, the screen looks good as a whole, but there are still a few dust spots on the screen. It looks uncomfortable and always wants to change it. It’s like a white, pink face with a pimple. This time he posted very fast and clean, and I’m still satisfied with that.

weekend to do mobile phone film business is very good, there are business, from Monday to Friday, less people. Stalls do film, from morning till evening have business, remove cloudy, rain, there are more than 20 days can stall. They do not have rent, the cost is not big, the work is free, unrestrained, really better than white-collar white-collar work.

I talked to him for a while and asked how much I could post a day. This guy is very polite. He started by saying he didn’t make much money. I said I didn’t believe it. He said, "there are dozens of them in a day.". According to my calculations here ten minutes, two or three have been waiting in succession.

if I leave my mother, I will do the advertising alliance no longer, because my site traffic is not great, why would the only traffic to other websites? Since there is no advertisers for us to pay, then we both did their website main, advertisers.

recently, when I went out to play with iPad, I wanted to take some pictures. IPad film has one side tilted, and for a long time will certainly fall. I just dropped it on a cell phone patch.

I believe that every webmaster’s website has a lot of columns, in the entire site to do our own advertising, A page pointing to B page, do their own brand publicity. Maybe the browser won’t click, but show him, anyway, it’s better than showing someone else.

actually, I don’t think it’s such a difficult thing. It’s just perfect practice. He is almost a molding, in a clean manner. I think a lot of people choose to buy a foil here, this is also the reason, spend ten dollars, everything is done, more convenient. People are becoming lazier now, including myself. He just gave the lazy men the trouble to solve these little problems. I posted a piece of 30 yuan, and he should be able to earn 20 dollars, because there is a special wholesale market for these films here in Shanghai, and the quantity is very cheap.